How Prince Harry Can Win Over the British Public - Royal Expert Reveals

How Prince Harry Can Win Over the British Public - Royal Expert Reveals

Key Steps for Prince Harry

A royal expert has outlined two crucial steps that Prince Harry must take if he hopes to regain the support of the British public and return to his royal duties. Veteran royal correspondent Valentine Low emphasized the importance of ensuring that Harry's commercial activities in the United States do not conflict with his royal responsibilities. Additionally, addressing personal statements made about his family members, including Prince William and Prince Charles, will be essential for rebuilding trust.

Challenges Ahead

Despite reports that Prince Harry is willing to resume his royal role to support his father following his cancer diagnosis, palace sources have dismissed the possibility of a "half in, half out" arrangement. Speculation about a potential return was sparked after Harry flew to be by his father's side in the UK. However, insiders maintain that the terms of the 2020 Megxit deal, which restrict Harry and Meghan's royal involvement, remain unchanged.

The Sussexes' Current Status

Since stepping back from their royal duties in 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have settled in California with their two children. The couple's strained relationship with the royal family has become increasingly public, with Harry's bombshell memoir and candid interviews shedding light on their decision to distance themselves from the monarchy. Despite ongoing speculation, a source close to the Sussexes has stated that Harry is not actively seeking a return to his former role.

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