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Meghan Markle’s seven most cringeworthy moments from her chat with Ellen

MEGHAN Markle took part in a cringeworthy prank on the Ellen Show. The Duchess of Sussex was seen munching cookies like a chipmunk, donning a pair of ..


MEGHAN Markle took part in a cringeworthy prank on the Ellen Show.

The Duchess of Sussex was seen munching cookies like a chipmunk, donning a pair of cat ears and singing about kittens – as well as a whole host of other toe-curling moves.

The stunt was branded “cringey and strange” by a royal expert, and social media users said her acting was “terrible”.

Meg stifled a giggle at her own title – which was a gift from the Queen


As Ellen DeGeneres introduced the ex-working royal on last night’s cringe-fest chat show, she used Meghan’s full title.

The host, 63, introduced Meg’s new book The Bench, written by “Meghan The Duchess of Sussex“.

As Ellen read out her title, she put on a jokey voice – prompting giggles from Meg.

Meghan stifles a giggle at the comic voice Ellen uses before launching into a discussion about the kids’ book – originally written as a poem for Harry for Father’s Day.

The pair then joked about how the name – gifted to her by the Queen after her marriage to Harry – is hard to say.

The former actress donned cat ears and sang songs about kittens


During last night’s appearance on US TV Meghan took part in one of Ellen’s legendary IBF pranks.

An IFB, otherwise known as an interruptible foldback, is a tiny earpiece worn by a celeb – as Ellen feeds them cringe-worthy instructions to make a total fool of themselves in public.

As part of the gag she was made to pop on a pair of furry cat ears and sing: “I’m a kitten, meow, meow, meow.”

Ellen makes Meg say she usually sings the tune to “entertain” her kids.

Meghan rubbed a crystal against her head


Another aspect of the six-minute long display saw Meg proclaim she has “healing powers” while touching a giant CRYSTAL to her head.

The stunt saw her approach of number of shopping stalls in the Warner Bros lot car park, where the Ellen Show is filmed.

In a sing-song voice, Ellen tells Meghan to say everything she tells her to – before instructing Meg to happily yell: “It’s a lovely, lovely, lovely day!”

She heads over to a crystal seller, as Ellen instructs her to repeat all manner of silly things about how much she loves to shop.

“Can I touch things? Watch me Pawama,” she is told to say as she fondles the crystals – much to the audience’s amusement.

She then exclaims: “I have healing powers! Can you feel my powers?” and begins to chant.

Meg gobbled hot sauce-coated tortilla chips


Ellen also encourages Meghan to approach a man selling hot sauce – and tell him: “Mummy wants some heat”.

She then is instructed to gobble up samples of increasingly spicier sauces “like a chipmunk,” baring her teeth and gnashing down on the tortilla chips with her hands right up to her mouth.

Ellen also makes her bounce up and down with excitement, and talk about how her “boo” loves hot sauce.

And when Ellen forces Meghan to request the hottest sauce – she also makes sure she shoves the whole chip in her mouth, before singing “I’m feeling hot, hot hot.”


The chat show host then forces Meg to approach another of the stalls – this one selling cookies.

She is made to ask for a sample, before scoffing it “like a chipmunk” as crumbs fall from her lips, all while referring to herself as “mummy”.

She is also forced to make a joke with no punchline before goading the confused vendor into pretending she understands.

Meghan did, however, say that the cookie was genuinely “delicious”.

Meg revealed she looked like Krusty the Clown after a haircut fail


During the interview, Meg also poked fun at her younger self – joking she resembled Krusty the Clown as a child.

She said she had been trying to copy Andie MacDowell’s haircut in the iconic 90’s movie Four Weddings and a Funeral.

She told Ellen: “The reason why my hair looked like that then was because I was obsessed with Andie MacDowell in Four Weddings and a Funeral. 

“All I wanted was that perfect little curly haircut. So I asked my mom and we went to the hairdressers and got it.”

But she added: “When I got into school they told me I looked like Krusty the Clown from the Simpsons.”

She was forced to swig milk from a baby’s bottle


As one of her most evil acts, Ellen forced Meg to literally milk it – guzzling milk from a baby’s bottle.

The chat show host forces Meg to shove a tortilla chip coated in super spicy hot sauce into her gob – before singing: “I’m feeling hot, hot hot.”

She is then told to grab a bottle of MILK out of her handbag and swig it.

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