Prince Andrew Urged to Leave Royal Lodge by Royal Expert

Prince Andrew Urged to Leave Royal Lodge by Royal Expert

Royal Expert Calls for Prince Andrew's Departure

According to a royal expert, Prince Andrew should be kicked out of Royal Lodge, and it's regrettable that the late Queen did not address the situation before her passing. The Duke of York, 64, currently resides at the expansive Windsor Great Park lodging in Berkshire, complete with 30 rooms, a swimming pool, and vast grounds.

Expert Weighs In

Royal historian and biographer Hugo Vickers shared his perspective on the matter, stating that Prince Andrew "needs to live somewhere smaller." Vickers expressed his belief that despite not being convicted of any crimes, Andrew's unpopularity and lack of royal duties make it necessary for him to vacate Royal Lodge.

King Charles' Plans

It has been reported that King Charles intends to rent out Prince Andrew's residence at Royal Lodge for £1 million a year once he leaves. The monarch aims to generate commercial revenue from the property, as Andrew has been reluctant to move out.

Financial Concerns

Prince Andrew lost his public funding after stepping down as a working royal amidst sex abuse allegations. He also faces the potential loss of Royal Lodge, which he currently shares with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. The cost of maintaining the property is reportedly significant, with estimates suggesting it requires about £400,000 in repairs annually.

Possible Solutions

While Andrew has rejected alternative housing options and relies on his lease agreement for Royal Lodge, experts believe that King Charles may ultimately compel him to depart. The Duke's financial support and access to the property could be at risk if he does not comply. In conclusion, the future of Prince Andrew's residence at Royal Lodge remains uncertain as discussions continue regarding his tenure at the prestigious estate.