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Royal chefs share tips for a Christmas lunch worthy of the Queen including freezing gravy & leaving your spuds OUTSIDE

WITH December only days away all thoughts have turned to Christmas, with Brits frantically shopping for food and presents. While this year may be a..


WITH December only days away all thoughts have turned to Christmas, with Brits frantically shopping for food and presents. 

While this year may be a bit different to previous Christmases, there’s still one thing which will stay the same – the traditional dinner. 

Royal chefs have shared their top tips to make a lunch worthy of the Queen

If you’re getting ready to host your bubble for the big day, royal chefs have shared their top tips to whip up a feast worthy of the Queen. 

Signature Staff, who cater for the royals as well as celebrities, revealed four tips to ensure the cooking goes as smoothly as possible, Mail reported. 

And their biggest piece of advice to all the chefs in charge of Christmas dinner is prep everything you can. 

It’s no fun being in a flap on a Christmas morning, so spend a few days, or even a week, making as much as you can ahead of time – and it helps avoid last-minute shopping trips too. 

They said the key is to have “simple and achievable goals” on December 25, and to always have a plan. 

The chefs said: “For example, you can peel the potatoes and leave them in water either outside, if it’s cold and not much room, or in the fridge. 

“Red cabbage can be made in advance, sprouts can be pre-prepared, gravy can even be frozen.”

They added that the majority of desserts can be easily prepped and popped in the fridge or freezer.

While Christmas may be different this year, one thing which will stay the same is a dinner with all the trimmings

Another tip, to ensure everyone is happy is to serve canapés. 

While you might think that would spoil people’s appetite, Signature Staff pointed out it’s usually a few hours until the main event, and people can get hungry. 

Ensure there’s lots of finger food in supply, as they explained there’s nothing worse than “smelling delicious food” cooking for hours, while not being able to eat any of it. 

Their next tip is all about the main event – the turkey itself.

While it’s an essential part of any Christmas plate, there’s no denying it can sometimes be dry. 

You could baste your bird every 20 minutes, but there’s a much simpler way to achieve moist meat. 

The UK Government has introduced specific rules over Christmas so families can get together

The experts revealed you should divide up the turkey, leaving you with more space in your oven, and it reduces cooking time too. 

The chefs said: “Dividing it up will allow you to roll the breast, stuff it and then cook the legs separately to ensure you always get the moist meat that everyone wants. 

Another way to win over your guests is to stock up on some crowd pleasers.

Stuffing is generally loved by all, as are pigs in blankets and roast potatoes – so ensure you have enough to go round. 

And make sure to invest in some good quality spuds, such as Maris Piper or King Edwards, with Signature Staff calling roasties the “most important” part of a festive meal.

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