'Absolutely gutted' Emmerdale star axed after 15 years on the show

'Absolutely gutted' Emmerdale star axed after 15 years on the show

Devastating news

Emmerdale actor Sam Hall, who has portrayed Samson Dingle for 15 years, has been axed from the show at the age of 20. Producers have informed him that his character will be killed off, leaving both the actor and his co-stars in shock.

Support from co-stars

His on-screen father, James Hooton, and other cast members have shown their support for Sam during this difficult time. Some even approached bosses to discuss the decision, emphasizing how protective they are of him.

End of an era

Sam has grown up as part of the on-screen Dingle clan and has faced challenging storylines during his time on the show, such as becoming a teen dad. The news of his character's fate has left him devastated, with no possibility of a return.

No comment from show's spokesperson

Despite the uproar among the cast over Sam's departure, an Emmerdale spokesman has chosen not to provide any further comments on the matter.

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