Actors have lost their way chasing social media fame – it’s dangerous and doesn’t last, swipes Jodie Comer

BAFTA winner Jodie Comer has taken a swipe at fellow actors who she claims get roles because they’ve made themselves a brand online.Warning they can..


BAFTA winner Jodie Comer has taken a swipe at fellow actors who she claims get roles because they’ve made themselves a brand online.

Warning they can “lose their integrity” the Killing Eve star targeted thesps who are seen at events more than seen on screen – just to fuel their social media.

Jodie Comer has taken a swipe at actors who are using social media to bag roles

The 29-year-old won Best Actress at the BAFTA Television Awards on Sunday night

Jodie left the BAFTA Television Awards early on Sunday night after winning the Best Actress gong and was also missing from the events after party.

A podcast interview has since resurfaced from 2018, with Jodie leaving a scathing attack on actors who use social media to enhance their fame.

She told The Two Shot Podcast: “That’s the danger with the social media side of things now.

“You’re following and you’re popular, it can be a huge part of, not the sole reason, but a huge reason why you get a role and actors have a danger of then putting their focus towards that side of things – a brand.



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“I see all the time actors and actresses like attending events and they attend more events than I see them on screen.”

She added: “Those people will always be filtered out at some point if you lose your integrity then you’ll very easily lose your way.”

Just last month, the 29-year-old was at the centre of a security alert after a fan caused alarm at a theatre.

Admirers gathered at the stage door of her West End play reported “worrying” behaviour to security staff.

CCTV footage was examined by staff at the Harold Pinter Theatre in London, where Jodie was starring in solo show Prima Facie.

A fan outside the theatre, said: “The crowd was mostly young girls, so this man was very out of place. He was scrolling through images of Jodie on his phone.

“A few of the fans standing near him were worried by his behaviour, so they notified security staff.”

Last year, Jodie was targeted with death threats by a stalker in France.

The Celeb Report revealed last year that the suspected stalker had been arrested for threatening to murder Jodie.

The star called in cops after receiving sinister messages on social media.

Sources told how one read: “I am coming to England to create carnage.”

The actress is best known for portraying Villanelle in Killing Eve