Guest's 'Rude' Remarks on Sunday Brunch Leave Viewers Unimpressed

Guest's 'Rude' Remarks on Sunday Brunch Leave Viewers Unimpressed

Amir Khan Criticizes Food on Popular Brunch Show

Sunday Brunch, the popular Channel 4 show hosted by Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer, came back to our screens this weekend with a lineup of guests, including former boxing champion Amir Khan. However, Khan's comments about the food served during the show left viewers feeling unimpressed.

During the show, Khan complained about the sauce and suggested adding mint to improve the flavor. While the hosts took it in good humor, viewers were quick to criticize Khan's remarks.

Viewers Take to Social Media to Express Their Displeasure

A number of Sunday Brunch viewers voiced their disapproval on social media, with some branding Khan as "rude." Many even admitted to "switching off" the show due to his comments.

One viewer wrote on Twitter, "Sorry but Amir is rude." Another tweeted, "Why is he being so rude?" And a third viewer said, "Already turned it off, too much noise."

Guest's 'Rude' Remarks on Sunday Brunch Leave Viewers Unimpressed

Khan and Brook Reunite after Bitter Grudge Match

This incident comes after Amir Khan and Kel Brook recently met again following their bitter grudge match. The two former world champions faced each other in the ring for almost two decades, and Brook emerged victorious in their last fight. However, they have since retired and were seen sitting together ringside for Chris Eubank Jr's recent win over Liam Smith.

In an interview, Khan reflected on their rivalry, saying, "Me and Kell had a great fight here... it's good that we can reminiscence about the great evening that we had here." Brook shared similar sentiments, calling the venue "beautiful" and acknowledging the spectacle they brought to the fans.

Will Khan Make a Comeback?

Although Amir Khan appears content in retirement, he hasn't completely ruled out the possibility of returning for an exhibition fight. Only time will tell if we will see him back in the ring.

Despite the drama surrounding Khan's comments, Sunday Brunch continues to be a popular show, with a loyal fan base eagerly tuning in each week for the latest celebrity interviews and cooking segments.

Guest's 'Rude' Remarks on Sunday Brunch Leave Viewers Unimpressed