Gutted Antiques Roadshow Guest Disappointed by Valuation Snub

Gutted Antiques Roadshow Guest Disappointed by Valuation Snub

Disappointing Valuation

An Antiques Roadshow guest was left disappointed after he was given a feeble valuation for his precious £250K item. Expert Ronnie Archer-Morgan was tasked with delivering the disheartening news to the man who was expecting a six-figure sum for the figurine. The item was estimated to be worth far less than what the man had hoped for.

Unexpected Turn of Events

During a recent Antiques Roadshow episode, an unexpected turn of events took place when a guest brought in a figurine from the Kota tribe in Gabon for valuation at Nottingham’s Wollaton Hall. The owner anticipated a valuation of around £250K, but unfortunately, it didn’t reach anywhere near his expectations.

Antiques Expert's Assessment

Ronnie assessed the item and revealed that it was a Kota reliquary guardian figure, highly revered in the art world. While a similar figure was sold for £250k a few years ago, the guest's item was deemed to be a copy made in 1980 and worth only about £150, a far cry from the anticipated value.

Other Surprising Valuations

In another episode, a guest was shocked to learn that a broken watch he purchased for £40 was valued between £1,500 and £2,000. Antiques Roadshow continues to surprise viewers with unexpected valuations and stories behind valuable items.

Gutted Antiques Roadshow Guest Disappointed by Valuation Snub

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