I was on The Apprentice and it was so unfair – Lord Sugar picked on me, plus Karen and Tim had obvious favourites

AMY Anzel did not win The Apprentice and she thinks it had to do with ‘unfair’ treatment at the hands of Lord Alan Sugar.The fired candidate Amy, 49, ..


AMY Anzel did not win The Apprentice and she thinks it had to do with ‘unfair’ treatment at the hands of Lord Alan Sugar.

The fired candidate Amy, 49, is no stranger to criticising Lord Alan and was even banned from going to the spin-off show, You’re Hired.

American The Apprentice star Amy Anzel accused Lord Alan Sugar of treating her unfairly

Lord Sugar hosts the business focussed reality program on the BBC

In an exclusive chat with The Celeb Report, the New York native describes how she felt the entrepreneur always “made an example of her.”

“I was always always criticised for my work and I never really got any support and don’t feel I ever really had a fair chance,” she says.

“Looking back on the 16 years of the series I’ve never seen an American or Canadian get to the final [of the UK series].”

Amy does not know why Lord Sugar had it in for her during the most recent season, but she describes the treatment as “unfair.”

“I just sensed he didn’t like me. And I remember he was always criticising me,” she explains.

She remembers during one challenged the TV star accused her of being aggressive with a buyer and that’s why she lost the sale.


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“Which wasn’t true at all, and I felt that was very unfair,” Amy says.

“All the other candidates were like, ‘I don’t know why he said that, that wasn’t true, they’re picking on you’.

“So I felt I didn’t have the same fair chance as any of the others.”

When pointing out how Lord Alan seemed to single her out in board meetings, Amy agrees that “he always used to cut me off.”

“I never had a chance to really defend myself and I tried time and time again,” Amy asserts.

“When Lord Sugar criticised me and said, ‘I haven’t seen anything from you during this whole six weeks’ and I thought, ‘really?’. I was sat team leader for four out of six tasks.

“I was always contributing, always spoke up, I never hid, like I wasn’t a wall flower and he just wouldn’t hear it.”

Amy points out that she was stood vice president in four out of six tasks and “was always putting myself on the line.”

“Yet he said I didn’t contribute anything in six weeks,” she laments.

“So I felt Iike in a way my storyline was already written, because of he didn’t see any of my contribution, which was so obvious and so clear then there’s something wrong.

“The people that watched the show saw that, so they all felt that it was a really unfair firing.”

Amy also doesn’t mince her words when it came to judges, Baroness Karren Brady and Tim Campbell.

She asserts they had their favourites and that had a big impact on how one fared in the competition.

“I think it depends on who you are as a candidate, I think if they really liked you, they were more supportive of you as a candidate and were nice to you,” Amy explains.

“And if they didn’t then they weren’t that nice to you, so I think it really depended on who you were amongst the candidates.”

The US cosmetics entrepreneur previously accused Lord Sugar of being bias against her.

“There was ageism and also anti-Americanism,” insisted Amy in March.

“Lord Sugar would often bring up Donald Trump to me and I’d say I’m nothing like Trump and we all know he and Trump hate each other.

“I do think that has a lot to do with it. We’ve heard him say before ‘I love acorns not oak trees and I think he sees me as more of an oak tree because my business is four years old or whether it comes down to me being 48.

“He just has no interest in working with someone that is ‘that old’. I couldn’t think of any other reason why. Honestly, it was so insulting.

“I had so much to show him. It was so unfair. I was a stand out character for six weeks, people knew who I was.”

Amy – who was the oldest ever candidate to take part in the show – was fired in week six.


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Lord Sugar, 74, accused Amy of dodging the role of Project Manager, despite her putting herself forward for the role in week two and acting as sub team leader on four occasions.

After going to production about the jibe, Amy was banned from appearing on You’re Fired for “breaching the show’s contract” – something she denies.

She also didn’t have kind words for Lord Alan’s co-stars Baroness Brady and Tim Campbell

Her outspoken views led to Amy being banned from the spin-off show You’re Hired

But Amy’s had the last laugh and has been doing great for herself