Meet Ross, the Mysterious Contestant on The Traitors Season 2

Meet Ross, the Mysterious Contestant on The Traitors Season 2

Who is Ross on The Traitors?

Get ready to meet Ross, one of the contestants on the highly anticipated second season of The Traitors. Ross, a video director from Lancashire, has joined the show to challenge himself and step out of his comfort zone. After spending most of his career behind the camera, Ross admitted that being in front of it is nerve-racking for him.

A Surprise Family Connection

In a thrilling twist revealed in episode three, it was discovered that Ross is actually related to another player on the show. Fellow contestant Diane, who was jokingly referred to as the mother of their co-star Paul due to their similar hair color, shockingly revealed that she is, in fact, Ross' mother. The two agreed to keep their familial relationship a secret but plan to secretly team up and share the prize if one of them wins. This revelation also means that Ross is the brother of Game of Thrones actor Kerr Logan.

Ross: A Faithful Player

Despite his family connection to another contestant, Ross is not playing as a Traitor on the show. He is part of the Faithful team, determined to compete and win the cash prize. Ross has a game plan to charm his co-stars and extract their secrets to gain an advantage in the game. Will his strategy help him go far in the competition?

The Traitors Season 2 Cast

Joining Ross on the second season of The Traitors are a diverse group of individuals from various backgrounds. From insurance brokers to army engineers, the cast is ready to compete in physical and psychological challenges for a chance to win a share of the £120,000 cash prize. The full lineup of contestants can be seen below:

  • Andrew (45), Talbolt Green – Insurance Broker
  • Anthony (45), Birmingham – Chess Coach
  • Ash, (45), London – Events Coordinator
  • Aubrey, (67), Loughborough, Leicestershire – Retired Shop Owner
  • Brian, (33), Glasgow – Photographer
  • Charlie, (34), Bristol – Mental Health Area Manager
  • Charlotte (32), Warwickshire – Recruitment Manager
  • Diane, (63), Lancashire – Retired Teacher
  • Evie, (29), Inverness – Veterinary Nurse
  • Harry, (22), Slough – British Army Engineer
  • Jasmine, (26), London – Sales Executive
  • Jaz (30) Manchester – National Account Manager
  • Jonny (31), Bedfordshire – Ex-Military
  • Kyra (21), Kent – Apprentice Economist
  • Meg (22), Herefordshire – Illustrator
  • Miles (36), Birmingham (now lives in Worcestershire) – Veterinary Nurse
  • Mollie (21), Bristol – Disability Model
  • Paul (36), Manchester – Business Manager
  • Ross (28), Lancashire – Video Director
  • Sonja (66), Lancashire – Volunteer Business Mentor
  • Tracey (58), Inverness – Sonographer and Clairvoyant
  • Zack (27), London – Parliamentary Affairs Advisor

With such a diverse range of contestants, the competition is sure to be fierce and unpredictable.

The Traitors: A Reality TV Show Like No Other

The Traitors is a unique reality TV show where contestants must work as Traitors or Faithfuls to sabotage or uncover secrets, all while competing for a substantial cash prize. The show's physical and psychological challenges push the players to their limits, making for an intense and captivating viewing experience. Tune in to see if Ross and the rest of the cast can outsmart and outplay each other in this exciting season of The Traitors!

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