Russell Brand Under Fire for Joking About Rape and Child Abuse in Resurfaced Video

Russell Brand Under Fire for Joking About Rape and Child Abuse in Resurfaced Video

Comedian Russell Brand has sparked controversy with offensive jokes in an old video

Russell Brand is facing backlash after a resurfaced video showed him joking about rape and child abuse during a comedy show with Richard Herring. The video, from Herring's Leicester Square Theatre podcast in 2013, which has since been deleted from YouTube and Soundcloud, shows Brand making inappropriate comments that have been deemed offensive and insensitive.

Brand denies all allegations of rape and sexual abuse

The resurfaced video comes amidst an ongoing investigation by The Times, Sunday Times, and Channel 4 Dispatches, where five women have accused Brand of rape and sexual abuse. However, Brand has vehemently denied all allegations made against him, referring to them as "aggressive attacks."

Outrageous comments made during the show

In the video, Brand can be heard claiming that he is just an ordinary person from a single-parent family who became a show-off. He paused before shocking the crowd by joking, "Oh I’ve raped someone once’ and ‘killed her after’." Despite the offensive nature of the comment, the audience responded with laughter. Brand went on to make further explicit remarks about his sexual encounters, stating, "look at the women in this room. Even a bold estimate would be that I’ve slept with half of them. Currently."

Investigations launched by the BBC and Channel 4

The allegations against Brand have prompted investigations by both the BBC and Channel 4. Authorities have also been urged to launch a criminal probe into the claims, spanning from 2006 to 2013, a time when Brand was at the peak of his fame. Caroline Nokes, Conservative chairwoman of the Commons women and equalities committee, emphasized the importance of holding men accountable for their actions, stating, "this merits and needs a criminal investigation."

Russell Brand Under Fire for Joking About Rape and Child Abuse in Resurfaced Video

Reactions from Brand's former agent and father

Brand's former agent, John Noel, stated that he never received any complaints about the comedian. Meanwhile, Brand's father, Ron, took to Facebook to defend his son, questioning the significance of the allegations amidst other global issues. Brand himself performed a stand-up show in Wembley shortly after the allegations emerged.

As the investigations continue, many are calling for a thorough examination of the allegations and transparent reporting of the findings by the BBC and Channel 4. The controversy surrounding Brand highlights the ongoing need for accountability and the importance of addressing abusive behavior, irrespective of the perpetrator's celebrity status.