The View’s ‘toxic & uninformed’ Whoopi Goldberg ripped as fans beg she be fired & ‘go back to acting’ after on-air fails

THE VIEW fans have slammed Whoopi Goldberg as “toxic and uninformed” and they beg the show to fire the host. After the 66-year-old suffered major..


THE VIEW fans have slammed Whoopi Goldberg as “toxic and uninformed” and they beg the show to fire the host.

After the 66-year-old suffered major blunders on live TV, viewers want her to go back to acting.

Whoopi Goldberg is currently a co-host on The View

Whoopi Goldberg was an actress before she was a host and fans want her back in movies

Fans on Reddit resurfaced an article from the New York Times in February that stated that Whoopi was suspended from the show after making insulting Holocaust comments.

She was suspended for two weeks after saying it “wasn’t about race.”

The co-host apologized over and over again, but fans weren’t having it.

Reddit users put their thoughts in the comments and demanded that the host be fired for being “uninformed.”


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Fans were furious and slammed the actress.

“God, she’s dumb,” wrote one fan.

“Discovering how stupid Whoopi Goldberg is in reality over the years has been very disappointing,” said another.

A few fans said The View is a very “toxic and uninformed” show.

“I used to love and admire Whoopi,” said one Reddit user.

Another chimed in, “Yeah, ignorant statement, but that’s pretty much standard practice on The View.”

Some fans defended the host and said that because she apologized she shouldn’t have been suspended.


Although fans do not like her as a co-host on the show, many said they do not mind her as an actress and encourage her to go back to that.

“I’ve strongly disliked Whoopi Goldberg as a person for years but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying her movies or shows,” wrote one fan.

“I generally don’t care about whether the actors are bad or good people, I just want a good show,” said another.

A third said, “There are better things to watch. I like her as an actress. When it comes to controversy, I ignore her.”


Fans of The View have expressed over and over again that they want Whoopi to be replaced with someone else.

She has recently expressed toxic and rude behavior and made numerous on-air blunders while the show was filming in the Bahamas.

In a recent episode, Whoopi forgot her co-host’s name after introducing musical guest, Ne-Yo.

The Oscar-winner attempted to pass the hosting duties over to her talk show colleague when she forgot Sunny Hostin’s name.

“And I think…what’s your name?”

Whoopi recovered quickly as she spouted, “Sunny…Sunny has the first question.”

She also pronounced Saturday Night Live’s Chloe Fineman’s name wrong.

“And she’s also a scene-stealer in the reboot of Father of the Bride, please welcome Chloe Fine-a-man,” she said.

Whoopi apologized and corrected herself multiple times to make sure she said the comedian’s name right.

While introducing guests Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers, Whoopi had a bit of trouble pronouncing the name of their podcast, Las Culturistas.

After trying and only being able to say it as Las Culturastas instead, she eventually just gave up and one of her co-hosts helped her out.

Also while in the Bahamas, after messing up Chloe’s name, Whoopi gave the outro for the show just as her cue cards flew in the air due to a gust of wind.

“Ah snap,” she cursed as the paper hit her coffee mug before cameras cut to commercials.


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Those are just a few of the failures Whoopi experienced in one week.

She has been slammed for her rude behavior lately as she snapped at her co-host Sunny for not revealing enough about her upcoming movie.

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