Black Crowes: A Rekindled Love Affair with Rock and Roll

Black Crowes: A Rekindled Love Affair with Rock and Roll

Brotherly Reconciliation

The Black Crowes' Chris and Rich Robinson have released a new album with a striking title - Happiness Bastards. The title signifies their reconciliation and the positive space they now find themselves in, despite their past conflicts.

From Past Struggles to Gentle Collaboration

The new album is a testament to the brothers' desire to reignite their passion for rock and roll. Unlike the past, their disagreements are now handled in a more gentlemanly manner, creating a more harmonious creative process.

Humanity in Rock and Roll

The album, Happiness Bastards, is a raw and refreshing take on rock and roll, standing out in today's polished pop-dominated music scene. The Robinson brothers emphasize the importance of imperfections and the human element in music, drawing inspiration from rock legends like AC/DC, Guns N' Roses, and Metallica.

Brotherly Camaraderie and Musical Chemistry

The Robinson brothers draw on their unique chemistry to create music that is both soulful and dynamic. Despite living in different states, they find that their best work happens when they are together in the same room, bouncing ideas off each other.

Black Crowes: A Rekindled Love Affair with Rock and Roll

A Tribute to Rock Legends

The album includes a tribute to AC/DC with the track 'Rats And Clowns,' showcasing the brothers' deep admiration for the iconic band. The album also features collaborations with breakthrough artists, adding depth and diversity to their sound.

Brotherly Admiration

Chris and Rich Robinson share mutual admiration for each other's talents. Chris praises Rich's unique guitar style, while Rich commends Chris's powerful vocals and fearless stage presence. Their genuine appreciation for each other's contributions highlights their renewed bond.

Looking Ahead

With The Black Crowes heading to the UK for a series of dates in May, the brothers express excitement and contentment with where they are musically and personally. The album is rated 4 and a half stars out of 5, promising a stellar musical experience for fans.