Damon Albarn: The Big 2023 Comeback

Damon Albarn: The Big 2023 Comeback

Damon Albarn's Singular Trains of Thought

Delve into the mind of Damon Albarn as he gears up for a massive comeback in 2023. Known for his unique perspective, Albarn shares insights about his upcoming projects and the significance of the number 23 in his life.

From Gorillaz to Blur

Discover how Albarn juggles being the frontman of both Gorillaz and Blur, two vastly different musical acts. His versatility and passion for music shine through as he discusses his varied projects and creative process.

The Making of 'Cracker Island'

Unveil the details behind the eighth studio album of Gorillaz, titled 'Cracker Island.' Albarn dives deep into the collaborative process and shares anecdotes about working with acclaimed artists like Bad Bunny, Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks, and more.

LA Chronicles: Recording in Silver Lake

Follow Albarn's journey to Los Angeles, where he recorded 'Cracker Island' with producer Greg Kurstin. Get a glimpse into the creative atmosphere of Silver Lake and how the city's vibrant energy influenced the album's sound.

Damon Albarn: The Big 2023 Comeback

Q&A with Murdoc Niccals

Step into the eccentric world of Gorillaz as Murdoc Niccals, the animated band leader, shares his thoughts on music, cults, and cosmic revelations. A whimsical and insightful conversation that sheds light on the band's quirky universe.

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