Jake Shears on How Love of Partying Inspired His New Album

Jake Shears on How Love of Partying Inspired His New Album

The Party Animal

Former Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears is known for his love of partying and socializing. In a recent interview, he explains how this love of a good time inspired his new album, Last Man Dancing. Shears describes himself as a "social beast" and reveals that house parties are his favorite thing.

From London to New Orleans

Shears, who now resides in New Orleans, temporarily moved to London last year to work on his album. During his time there, he stayed at the home of Elton John and David Furnish, with Sam Fender as his housemate. Shears describes the experience as a "home from home" and speaks highly of Fender's new music.

A Gathering of Friends

Last Man Dancing features several collaborations with famous friends. Kylie Minogue, Jane Fonda, and US rapper Big Freedia all join Shears on the record. Shears reveals that getting Kylie Minogue to duet on the song "Voices" was a dream come true and describes the track as the album's centerpiece.

Unusual Collaborations

One of the album's more unusual collaborations is with Jane Fonda on the song "Radio Eyes." Shears and Fonda first met in New York and became friends. Shears describes Fonda as an amazing person and was thrilled when she agreed to let him use audio from a film they worked on together for the track.

Jake Shears on How Love of Partying Inspired His New Album

A Record of Two Halves

Last Man Dancing can be described as a record of two halves. The first part is full of upbeat disco brilliance, while the second half takes inspiration from Scissor Sisters' cult 2010 album Night Work. Shears describes the second half as a wild ride and reveals that it features production from Boys Noize, Ryland Blackinton, and Vaughn Oliver.

Against AI in Music

While Shears is passionate about music and production, one technical development he isn't a fan of is AI. He believes that AI takes away creativity from humanity and finds it unsettling. He also criticizes DJs and producers who claim that AI is the best thing since sliced bread, stating that it will be an amazing tool for the lazy and talentless.

A Reflection on Scissor Sisters

Next year marks the 20th anniversary of Scissor Sisters' debut album, and Shears reflects on his time in the band. He describes it as both feeling like yesterday and a long time ago. Shears still keeps in touch with his bandmates and cherishes the memories they made together.

Upcoming UK Tour

Shears is excited to begin his headline UK tour, which kicks off in Glasgow. He enjoyed his time supporting Duran Duran on tour but is now looking forward to playing his own shows and experimenting with the flow of the performance. Making this album has been a dream come true for Shears, allowing him to be more indulgent and experimental with his music.

Last Man Dancing is set to be released on June 2.


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