Muse's New Album Takes Inspiration from Real-World Events

Muse's New Album Takes Inspiration from Real-World Events

The Transition from Fiction to Reality

Muse, the British rock band known for their dystopian-themed albums, has taken a different approach with their latest release, "Will Of The People." Influenced by real-world events such as the Black Lives Matter movement and the Capitol riots in the US, the album explores themes of populism, riots, climate change, and domestic violence.

A Shift in Focus

Frontman Matt Bellamy explains that after their previous album, which immersed listeners in a fictional world, they wanted to bring their music back to reality. With a more rock sound and hard-hitting lyrics, Muse aims to capture the current state of the world and the need for systemic change.

From Chaos to Creativity

Bellamy reflects on the upheaval of the past year, including the storming of the Capitol Building, and how it inspired his songwriting. The album seeks to address the challenges of effecting change without descending into violence or chaos. While Bellamy doesn't claim to have all the answers, "Will Of The People" serves as an expression of these turbulent times.

An Evolving Sound

Known for their diverse musical style, Muse's new album incorporates elements of glam rock, progressive rock, and electro-pop. Bellamy describes the album as a "best of" compilation of everything they've done, with both heavy and melodic moments.

Muse's New Album Takes Inspiration from Real-World Events

Personal and Powerful

One standout track on the album is "Ghosts," a piano ballad inspired by stories of loss during the pandemic. Bellamy shares that it's one of the saddest songs he's ever written and touches on themes of loneliness and heartbreak. The album also features a track called "We Are F**king F**ked," which captures the feeling of overwhelming anxiety in today's world.

Avoiding the Social Media Trap

Bellamy admits that he's not a fan of social media and only uses Instagram sparingly. He believes that the true connection with fans comes from performing live on stage, rather than seeking validation online. He also reveals that he's not allowing his 11-year-old son to use social media yet, emphasizing the importance of waiting until the right age.

A Family Life in England

Bellamy shares his love for England and his desire to move back with his wife and children. He describes his relationships with his ex-fiancée, actress Kate Hudson, and their son as friendly and says they often spend summers together in England. Bellamy's son has developed a love for surfing and skateboarding, while his two-year-old daughter recently attended one of his concerts.

The Ultimate Guide to Muse's "Will Of The People"

With their latest album, Muse offers a thought-provoking and diverse collection of songs that delve into the realities of today's world. From political unrest to personal reflections, "Will Of The People" showcases the band's ability to capture the essence of the times we live in.