Cringeworthy moment Meghan Markle rubs lipstick off agitated Prince Harry after kiss at polo event

THIS is the moment Meghan Markle rubs bright red lipstick off Prince Harry after giving him a kiss at a polo event in California.The cringey clip..


THIS is the moment Meghan Markle rubs bright red lipstick off Prince Harry after giving him a kiss at a polo event in California.

The cringey clip shows the duchess, who is wearing an enormous black sunhat, congratulating her husband’s team.

Harry and Meghan were seen kissing at one of the prince’s polo games in California

But after the smooch, Meghan tapped Harry on the arm twice to get his attention before reaching up and wiping his mouth when he turned

The prince look slightly taken aback, raising his eyebrow

She offers each player a continental-style kiss on each cheek before planting a smooch on Harry’s lips as the prince leans in.

After the kiss, Meghan pulls down the brim of her hat and moves to Harry’s left as the price turns away.

She then lingers and touches his arm in a bid to get his attention before reaching up to his face.

As he turns, she uses her thumb to wipe a lipstick mark off his mouth.

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Harry briefly appears to jolt his head back before raising an eyebrow.

He can then be seen putting his arm around his wife and courteously moving her to the middle of the group for a photo.

But in awkward scenes, Meghan is obscured as he and a teammate lift a huge trophy over her head while she applauds and clutches her hat.

She finally ducks underneath the award to make the shot.

The footage has been shared on Twitter, where social media users questioned why none of the other polo Wags had been invited onto the podium.

One said: “No other wives or partners, just M centre stage.”

Another said: “Where are the other wives or girlfriends?”

Harry has joined the Los Padres polo team for the season.

He and Meghan were filmed sharing a kiss at a charity match in support of several good causes, including Heal the Ocean and CALM4Kids.

Meghan wore white summer shorts, a polka dot blouse and a belt as she went to the ground to support her husband.

She matched Harry, who was also wearing traditional white shorts for the game.

The couple’s two children Archie and Lillibet remained at home – likely because the scorching late-spring sunshine would have been too much for them.

It’s possible Harry was ready to burn off some steam with a game after a slew of reports about his much-anticipated memoir.

The bombshell book still has no publishing date – sparking “uncertainty” over whether it’ll be released this year.

He is said to have a £15million advance for his tome, which he says will examine the “highs and lows” of his extraordinary life.


Last year its publisher said it was “tentatively scheduled for late 2022” – but no date has yet be set.

Amid the furore, he’s sure to have welcomed a kiss from his wife.

The Sussexes are well known for public displays of affection, recently locking lips on stage at the Invictus Games.

In a sweet moment during their visit to The Netherlands, Meg gushed over her “incredible husband”.

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She told the crowd: “I could not love and respect him more and I know that all of you feel the same because he is your fellow veteran, having served two tours of duty in Afghanistan and ten years of military service.”

And in 2018, the couple, who were then newly-weds, were pictured smooching up a storm at a polo match in Windsor.

Moments later, there were awkward scenes as Meghan was obscured from a photo as her husband and a teammate lifted their trophy

The couple recently locked lips onstage during the Invictus Games