Kate Middleton's "Crazy" Hobby Revealed: Cold Water Swimming

Kate Middleton's Crazy Hobby Revealed: Cold Water Swimming


Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is known for her sporty nature and love for physical activities. However, she has a hobby that her husband, Prince William, finds "crazy" - cold water swimming.

A Love for Swimming

During an episode of Mike Tindall's podcast, The Good, the Bad, and the Rugby, Kate confessed her love for sports, especially swimming. She revealed that she enjoys swimming in cold water, much to the point where William thinks she's "crazy".

Convincing Others to Join

Kate has a passion for cold water swimming and even convinces others to join her, except for William. She is undeterred by the weather and will seek out cold water, regardless of darkness or rain.

The Cozy Solution

After her cold water swims, Kate quickly warms herself up by donning a coat. During a meet with volunteers from the Central Beacons Mountain Rescue Team in Wales, she shared that she wraps up in a Dryrobe to stay warm.

Kate Middleton's Crazy Hobby Revealed: Cold Water Swimming

Cold Water Swimming as a Solo Hobby

While cold water swimming is Kate's solo hobby, there are other sports she enjoys with William. One of their shared interests is tennis, although they often find it challenging to finish a game due to their competitive nature.

Discovering Paddle Tennis

Kate revealed that she and William have recently taken up paddle tennis, a game similar to pickleball. It seems that the royal couple is always up for trying new sports and activities together.

Overall, Kate Middleton's love for physical activities extends to cold water swimming, a hobby she enjoys despite her husband's concerns. Whether it's swimming in freezing temperatures or playing tennis and paddle tennis, Kate and William's shared enthusiasm for sports adds a fun and competitive element to their relationship.