Twickenham locals cash in on England Six Nations matches

Twickenham locals cash in on England Six Nations matches

Twickenham residents turn their homes into money-making ventures on match days

Living near Twickenham Stadium, the home of England rugby, has become a lucrative side-hustle for some locals. Residents have found clever ways to cash in on big match days, with opportunities to rent out driveways, sell food, and accommodate visiting fans. Caryn Riekstins, who lives across the road from the stadium, sets up a food stall on her driveway and can make over £3,000 on a good day. Meanwhile, Mandy Wilcox rents out her driveway to rugby fans, and local pubs like the Eel Pie Pub expect to serve thousands of pints.

A thriving atmosphere and celebrity encounters

Living near Twickenham Stadium comes with its perks, including a vibrant atmosphere and the chance to rub shoulders with rugby stars. Caryn Riekstins enjoys the buzz that comes with match days and has served notable players like Joe Worsley, Ben Cohen, and James Haskell. Karen, another resident, appreciates the wacky costumes fans wear during the Rugby 7s tournament and fondly remembers when Welsh legend Gareth Thomas helped her with her shopping.

Driveway rentals and additional income

With roads near Twickenham Stadium closed on match days, residents like Mandy Wilcox have found a money-making opportunity by renting out their driveways. Mandy allows fans to pay a nominal amount to park, and the income can add up when multiple games take place. This practice has become popular among locals, contributing to the sense of community and providing extra income.

Local pubs thrive on match days

Twickenham's local pubs also benefit from the influx of fans on match days. Jon Moran, who runs the Eel Pie Pub, expects to pour more than 5,000 pints on Saturday. The lively atmosphere and camaraderie make match days a highlight for both pub owners and patrons. Cups like the Six Nations provide a much-needed boost to the hospitality industry, especially during challenging times.

Twickenham locals cash in on England Six Nations matches

Rugby fans bring business and a friendly atmosphere

While Twickenham is known for its football culture, the presence of rugby fans has brought a new appreciation for the sport and a sense of community. Local business owners and attendants, such as Valter Garcias and Ravinder Kaur, express their enthusiasm for the positive impact rugby matches have on the town. They believe that encouraging more rugby events can help boost the local economy and revitalize the area.

The challenges of hosting international events

It's not all smooth sailing when hosting international events like the Six Nations. Locals have to navigate challenges such as increased street urination and demand for public toilets. However, many residents take these inconveniences in stride, recognizing that the benefits of hosting these events outweigh the negatives.

A win for Twickenham's community and its businesses

Twickenham locals have found innovative ways to make the most of living near the iconic stadium. From renting out driveways to serving food and drinks, they have turned match days into profitable opportunities. Beyond the financial gains, the atmosphere, camaraderie, and encounters with rugby stars have made living in Twickenham an exciting experience for residents. With the potential to boost the local economy and bring more footfall to the area, rugby events like the Six Nations are cherished by the community.

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