Danica takes a swipe at Love Island rival for ‘rude’ reaction in the villa

DANICA Taylor has hit back at a Love Island rival for her ‘rude’ reaction in the villa.The bombshell was devastated about the way she was treated by..


DANICA Taylor has hit back at a Love Island rival for her ‘rude’ reaction in the villa.

The bombshell was devastated about the way she was treated by a fellow Islander during a dumping.

Danica opened up about what happened between her and Paige on Love Island

Love Island fans are convinced Paige Thorne is feuding with a second co-star
Fans spotted a feud too when Antigoni was dumped over Danica

Danica has opened up about bad blood between her and Paige Thorne on Love Island.

Speaking to On Demand Entertainment, she said: “To be honest I do feel bad for me watching it back. Some of the looks I got. I shouldn’t really have let that slide, but it is what it is.

“It’s fine, because if people don’t like me then that’s on them really, because I’m a nice girl and I just wanted to find love at the end of the day.

“Watching back, I saw the way Paige was when Antigoni left, and it was very clear she wanted me to go, an I actually think I wish I’d said: “Hang on, do you know how that actually makes me feel?”

having their say

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not get a text

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She added: “Like I’ve done nothing wrong and you’re blatantly mouthing things across the fire-pit to insinuate, what the hell, why is Danica still here.

“But I’ve had time to move past that.

“I could have brought it up at the time.”

She added: “It’s all cool now.”

Even at the time fans were convinced Paige was feuding Danica.

They said they spotted the Welsh paramedic giving daggers to the bombshell after Antigoni and Charlie were brutally dumped.

Paige and Gemma burst into tears when the boys announced who they chose to leave the villa, with the former declaring: “What the hell is going on?”

Paige then mouthed to Antigoni, “I’m so sorry.”


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As they started to say goodbye, Antigoni assured the girls, “it’s OK.”

Yet savvy fans called out Paige’s reaction, and her subsequent comments which saw her reveal how “close” she had become to the singer.

The paramedic's (left) reaction to the recent dumping raised eyebrows
Paige, pictured with Gemma, has since made up with Danica