EastEnders spoilers: Linda Carter fights for her life after horror car crash with Janine Butcher

JANINE Butcher has been going above and beyond to get rid of love rival Linda Carter.

But her underhanded scheming could cost the latter her life after a horrid car crash in EastEnders.

Linda’s life hangs in balance next week

Janine Butcher is trying to stop her from telling Mick the truth about the stolen money

Both women end up in a crash

For months, Janine Butcher (portrayed by Charlie Brooks) has been pining over Mick Carter’s (Danny Dyer) affection and was finally able to get him to commit to her.

However, his estranged wife Linda (Kellie Bright) soon showed up in the Square ahead of Tina Carter’s funeral and she’s been trying to get rid of her ever since.

This involved paying her a copious amount of money – which she stole from Linda and Mick’s daughter Nancy – to bribe her to leave Walford.

The jig was soon up for Janine as Linda figured out what she had been up to.

Knowing her rival is closing in on her, Janine makes plans with her daughter Scarlett to visit her sister, Clare, but her focus turns elsewhere.

Struggling to believe Mick won’t stray from her, she remains insecure especially since both her beau and Linda got along perfectly fine in previous episodes of the BBC One show.

Meanwhile, Nancy (Maddy Hill) is getting ready for a change of scenery as she plans her and Linda’s trip to Watford, northwest of London – and Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) reminds the latter she has every right to tell her daughter about the stolen money.

Sharon enjoys winding up Janine, revealing Linda plans to tell Nancy the truth, just as the mother-daughter duo set off.

But Linda has some explaining of her own to do as Nancy confronts her about almost leaving Albert Square.

Before Linda has a chance to say anything, Nancy storms off and goes back home, leaving a deflated Linda with a broken down car.

The former Vic landlady lets her old demons resurface and turns to alcohol.

Later on, Janine is on tenterhooks when Nancy storms back into the Vic, clearly upset.

Janine intercepts a call from a drunk Linda and willing to do anything to stop Linda from speaking to Mick, gets a taxi to Linda despite missing plans with Scarlett.

The car is fixed and Janine drives a drunk Linda and Annie home, pleading with her not to tell Mick the truth.

She appeals to Linda’s emotions by opening up about her own feelings… but tragedy strikes when Janine loses control of the car and crashes.

Word of the crash gets back to Nancy, Mick and Shirley who all rush to the hospital.

Once there, they learn that Linda is in critical condition and is facing potential death.

In the car, Janine wakes up to Annie’s cries and soon realises the severity of Linda’s injuries, leading her to show her true colours.

Could Janine be responsible for another death?

Will Mick find out the truth?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday on BBC One.

Will Linda make it?

What will Janine do to help her?