Emmerdale: Nicky Milligan's Exit Storyline Revealed

Emmerdale: Nicky Milligan's Exit Storyline Revealed

Nicky Milligan's Departure

Emmerdale bosses have unveiled Nicky Milligan's exit storyline following actor Lewis Cope's departure from the show. The character's decision to leave the Dales has left his parents Ruby and Caleb conflicted.

A Shocking Turn of Events

Nicky's contemplation of leaving Emmerdale was triggered by his mother's vengeful actions, leading him to persuade his boyfriend Suni to start a new life away from their families.

Family Conflict

In the upcoming episodes, fans will witness Caleb and Ruby grappling with their son's departure, with Caleb eager to bring Nicky back while Ruby believes it's time for him to forge his own path.

The Actors Behind the Characters

Lewis Cope, who portrayed Nicky, joined the show in December 2022 as part of a revenge storyline. Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana, who played Suni, entered the scene a year later as Jai Sharma's brother.

Emmerdale: Nicky Milligan's Exit Storyline Revealed

Controversy and Departure

The duo, who formed one of the prominent gay couples on Emmerdale, decided to leave the show before July, sparking controversy as their exit coincided with pride month. However, a source clarified that the actors had made their decision months prior, emphasizing the complexities behind such departures.