Furious MAFS UK fans slam experts over ‘sexual harassment’ drama

FURIOUS Married At First Sight UK viewers slammed the show’s experts tonight over their reaction to newcomer Gemma.Fans were angry that Mel Schilling,..


FURIOUS Married At First Sight UK viewers slammed the show’s experts tonight over their reaction to newcomer Gemma.

Fans were angry that Mel Schilling, Paul C. Brunson and Charlene Douglas didn’t take the bride to task over her antics on the E4 show.

Mel Schilling and her fellow experts were criticised by viewers

Gemma became tearful in the commitment ceremony

Gemma’s groom Matt was complaining during the commitment ceremony that he found his wife’s overtly sexual advances too much.

Matt cited her simulating a sex act in a restaurant and claimed it made him feel uncomfortable.

Gemma shook her head and grew tearful, insisting her husband just didn’t understand her “sense of humour”.

The redhead then grew tearful as Mel spoke to her about how she used sexual bravado to keep an “emotional distance” from people.


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But many viewers were not happy, feeling that Mel and co should have taken Gemma to task over her behaviour, which they dubbed ‘sexual harassment’.

Many felt that if the roles were reversed and a male participant had behaved that way towards his bride, the experts would have ripped him apart for it.

“I’m sorry but the experts should have called Gemma out instead of praising her,” said one angry fan. “Her behaviour is making Matt feel uncomfortable and he’s told her that but she carried on. How would the experts have reacted if the shoe were on the other foot. I think very differently.”

Another added: “Idk why everyone is siding with Gemma’s actions. Do they not see what she says to Matt? It’s rly sad tbh, he looks fed up.”

And a third weighed in: “Nah, all jokes aside we’re watching sexual harassment Gemma has to drop a statement cos this behaviour is crazy.”

It comes as Matt previously told Gemma he found it a turn-off when she was so forward.

She shocked viewers when, hours after tying the knot, she said: “My f***y is throbbing. I need to consummate this marriage.”

It left Matt furious and fans took to Twitter to complain.”

One said: “I hope Gemma doesn’t blow this by being too vulgar for him!”

Another said: “Gemma doesn’t seem to realise that being so obvious and full-on kills sexual tension.”


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A third chimed in: “She is like a talking garbage can.”

A fourth said: “If a bloke was begging for sex to a female there would be uproar.”

Once again Matt voiced his discomfort over Gemma’s antics

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