Hilarious moment Love Island’s Luca realises Gemma’s dad Michael Owen isn’t coming into villa

LOVE Island fans were in hysterics at Luca Bish’s reaction when he realised footballer Michael Owen was not coming to the villa.The infamous Meet the ..


LOVE Island fans were in hysterics at Luca Bish’s reaction when he realised footballer Michael Owen was not coming to the villa.

The infamous Meet the Parents episode aired on Sunday, with viewers – and it seemed Luca – wondering if Gemma’s famous dad would make an appearance.

Fans found it funny that Luca was disappointed when he realised Michael Owen would not be coming to the villa

Instead Gemma’s mum, Louise Bonsall, 41 and friend Sarah jetted to Majorca to visit the dressage champ in the Love Island villa.

Gemma was clearly excited to see the pair and teared up as she put her hands over her mouth.

But when the camera cut to Luca he turned away in disgust and put his sunglasses back on.

Fans couldn’t help but notice the profound disappointment on his face when he realised he would not be meeting the champion footballer.

“Lucas’ face when he realised Michael Owen wasn’t coming in,” one fan commented with a laughing emoji on Twitter.

Another added: “I said exactly the same, his face was a picture.”


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face off

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And a third added: “Its like oh ffs its WOMEN.”

Louise’s appearance sparked fury after she failed to give her daughter an important warning on Love Island.

Viewers were expecting Gemma’s mum Louise to say a bit more about the fish monger after she previously spoke out against the “bullying” of Tasha Ghouri on the show.

The deaf model came under fire from a group of boys, most notably her daughter’s boyfriend Luca.

While Louise didn’t mention him by name she said in an Instagram post that the treatment of Tasha was “sad to see”.

Earlier this month Luca was one of three lads to put a cream pie in Tasha’s face – insisting he had plenty of reasons to do so.

He told the 23-year-old as she stood there grim-faced accepting her fate: “I could give you a list, but I’ll let it go for today.”

Luca walked off saying: “It’s just a game.”

The night before, Luca and Dami Hope, 26, were heard discussing how ‘fake’ they think Tasha is.

Louise commented on a video of her and boyfriend Andrew Le Page this week, writing: “I hope Tasha is ok.

“I feel it’s close to bullying now which is so sad to see.”

The mum-of-four’s approval of Luca is critical to their relationship, as Gemma, 19, has explained in the past.


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She told him on their first date that is her mum didn’t like him then they had no future together.

Meanwhile, Luca’s own family said sorry on his behalf for his behaviour during the show’s explosive Movie Night.

Instead it was Gemma’s friend Sarah and mum Louise (R)

But Luca was on his best behaviour when they were chatting

Louise came under fire for not warning Gemma about bullying claims against Luca

Gemma’s dad Michael was an England footballer and now works as a TV pundit