Hunted line-up: Who is taking part in Hunted season 6?

HUNTED is set to return to Channel 4 and for the first time the fugitives must make their escape from the Isle of Wight.Here’s a look at the line-up..


HUNTED is set to return to Channel 4 and for the first time the fugitives must make their escape from the Isle of Wight.

Here’s a look at the line-up for season six of the reality show.

Hunted will return for its sixth season

Who is taking part in Hunted season 6?

Chief Constable of Cleveland Police, Lisa Theaker

Lisa Theaker will return for another exciting season of Hunted

Lisa Theaker is an Assistant Chief Constable of Cleveland Police.

Viewers will recognise the hunter from previous seasons of the show.

Lisa will be leading the hunters in the sixth season on Channel 4.

Lisa has led many complex homicide investigations and oversees a team of top police and military personnel, armed live CCTV, ANPR, GPS positioning, drones, tracker dogs, mobile phone monitoring and publicity campaigns.



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Liam and Katie

Hunted season six fugitives Liam and Katie

Liam and Katie are a couple from Sheffield.

Liam, 36, works as a plumber and describes himself as “practical, hands on and can make or mend anything”.

Katie, 34, is an art tutor and describes herself as “very creative and super organised”.

When asked how Katie would feel being on the run she said: “Horrendous, amazing, hell – and probably the best time of our lives. I think it’s going to be everything.

Some days we’ll want to go home and forget about it all and then others, we’ll be like, wow, this is just so cool.

“I’m sure some moments will be awful and others we’ll be laughing our heads off until we’re crying.”

Meurig and Elinor

Hunted fugitives Meurig and Elinor are a couple from Swansea

Meurig and Elinor met in a local nightclub four years ago and both lice in Swansea.

Meurig, 30, works as a mental health nurse whilst Elinor, 22, works as a waitress.

Elinor is determined to win the show and prove to the people who think of them as “young and incapable” that they have so much more to offer.

The couple have said if they win the money, they would love to buy their first home together.

Amarinder and Shoba

Amarinder and Shoba are a mother and son duo from Essex

Amarinder and Shoba are a mother and son duo from Essex participating in the new season.

Shoba, 59, works as an admin officer while her son Amarinder, 34, is a dentist.

Amarinder graduated from Kings College London after studying Biomedical Sciences and Dentistry.

He became a dentist back in 2016 and also performs Botox and fillers.

With her 60th birthday coming up, Shoba wants to embark on the first proper adventure of her life.

James and Nathan

James and Nathan are determined to win the competition

James and Nathan are best friends from Castleford.

James, 32 works as postman while his best friend Nathan, 28, works as a graphic designer.

The pair met at a New Year’s Eve party in 2013 and a year later became housemates and are now the best of friends.

They share a love of skiing, Escape Rooms and golfing.

James and Nathan are both profoundly deaf and have complimentary communication skills which makes then a great team.

James is able to lip read extremely well, even from a distance, and Nathan can speak well.

They both had cochlear implants but will leave their implants at home as they want to embark on the challenge with no aids to show viewers what it is like to be profoundly deaf in a hearing world.

Grace and Abi   

Sisters Grace and Abi are hoping to secure the cash prize

Grace and Abi are a sister duo from Hampshire and Southampton.

Grace, 24, is a Drama Teacher from Hampshire with a love for Disney and an excel spread sheets.

Her younger sister Abi is 21 and works as an occupational therapist.

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They shared how their mum has worked for the NHS for over 40 years and she is their inspiration and motivation to go on the run.

If they win, they want to use the money to help clear her mortgage.