Jeopardy! fans reveal how Mayim Bialik ‘slows down the game’ as viewers think Ken Jennings will be permanent host

JEOPARDY! fans believe Mayim Bialik is slowing down the game and killing the momentum of the contest.

And the cries for Ken Jennings as permanent host only grow louder.

Mayim Bialik currently hosts Jeopardy! but she is feeling the heat

Fans continue to call for Ken Jennings to be named permanent host

As fans wait for Ken’s return, they continue to flood online chat boards with criticisms of the former Blossom star.

The latest involves Mayim’s pace, as one fan online commented that the 46-year-old guest host is too quick to recap scores and lead-changes, interrupting the flow of the show – especially if one contestant is on a particular roll.

“Sometimes it’s like calling a horse race (‘and you’re now in the lead, and now YOU’RE in the lead’)”, one fan commented. “It slows the pacing for the next clue, in my opinion.”

Another viewer agreed: “It’s the precise kind of disruptive insertions that run counter to the purpose of a host.”

Others say the show slows down every time Mayim giggles or chuckles nervously at a development.

“She does seem to get very excited about Daily Doubles,” one fan noted, pointing out that she almost seems surprised by them. “A far cry from Alex Trebek’s very flat ‘Answer: Daily Double.’”

Another piled on: “It’s annoying and distracting. She improved for a while, but now she seems to have slipped back into her old habits.”

While one had the same problem while getting to know the contestants.

“She also laughs through a lot of interviews,” the fan confessed. “She drives me crazy.

“Please tell me Ken is back next week?!”


Viewers missing the all-time champ, who has been on hiatus, may not have to wait much longer.

A fan online spotted an interesting detail on their TV listings.

They began a thread, “Any word on who’s hosting the July 4 game? My Xfinity guide doesn’t say.”

The user shared a photo that showed up to that date, Mayim was still listed as the host.

But July 4th’s listing did not have a host named.

Fireworks went off when one excited fan wrote: “Ken tweeted before that he will be back before the Season 38 finale.

“Most likely Ken will host the remaining 4 weeks of the show.”

Another realized that, as Jeopardy! pre-tapes its episodes months in advance, Ken could even remain at the prominent podium into Season 39.

“They usually start taping the next season in late July,” they wrote.


And with a new season should finally come an answer as to who will be the permanent host.

But some viewers say they think they know exactly who has been chosen between Ken and Mayim.

After Jeopardy! won at the Daytime Emmys on Friday, fans realized that only one of the hosts appeared in the clip that played as part of the win.

Ken was that host.

One fan pointed out: “I wonder if it’s telling in any way that the show sent a Ken-hosted episode for the academy’s consideration.”

Another said: “Notice that they show clips of Ken and not Mayim?” 

A third wrote: “Hopefully this is a sign that’s [Mayim’s] gone next season.”

The award show posted the Jeopardy! clip, which featured only moments of Ken hosting, to its Twitter to announce to its followers that the show had won Outstanding Game Show.

Ken re-shared it to his own page, writing with it: “Don’t call it a comeback! Congrats to the hard-working team at Jeopardy!.”

Angry fans say Mayim kills the pace of the show with constant scoring recaps

They also say she has the tendency to laugh uncomfortably too often during contestant interviews

Former Jeopardy! champ Ken Jennings- here with the late Alex Trebek- is scheduled to return to hosting duties soon