Katherine Ryan Speaks Out on Russell Brand Sex Abuse Claims

Katherine Ryan Speaks Out on Russell Brand Sex Abuse Claims

Comedian Responds

Katherine Ryan has finally addressed the allegations of sexual assault made against fellow comic Russell Brand. In her latest podcast episode, Ryan made it clear that consent is crucial and that a woman's "no" should be respected. The accusations against Brand have been brought to light by four women in an investigation conducted by The Times, Sunday Times, and Channel 4 Dispatches.

Previous Statements

Ryan has previously discussed the issue of "predators" in the entertainment industry but has refrained from naming any individuals. While she has not directly spoken about the allegations against Brand, she has expressed her views on the importance of consent, emphasizing that a woman's consent is always valid.

Lighthearted Joke

Ryan recently joked about the "elephant in the room" during a speech at an event in Cambridge. She playfully mentioned her own weight loss without directly addressing the situation with Brand. The comedian has been vocal about her concerns surrounding the industry and the reasons why women may not come forward with their experiences.


Ryan's previous disclosure about confronting a colleague on a television program has now been revealed to be about Brand. During their time as judges on Comedy Central show Roast Battle in 2018, Ryan referred to Brand as a predator. She has also discussed these allegations with fellow comedian Sara Pascoe and journalist Louis Theroux, emphasizing that while she does not have concrete proof, she has heard credible stories from reliable sources.

Katherine Ryan Speaks Out on Russell Brand Sex Abuse Claims

Industry Reflection

Not only has Ryan addressed the issue, but she has also called for more open discussion and accountability. Comedian Daniel Sloss has echoed these concerns, revealing that there have been numerous stories about Brand's behavior within the comedy circuit. As the industry begins to reflect on past practices, BBC Director General Tim Davie has not ruled out a potential external investigation into the allegations against Brand. Channel 4 chief executive Alex Mahon has acknowledged that the industry has historically tolerated terrible behavior towards women.

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