Love Island fans furious as Mitch makes ‘wrong’ decision leaving TWO fan favourites at risk

LOVE Island has been rocked by a surprise recoupling as fans hit out at Mitch for making the “wrong” decision.

New bombshells Leah and Charlotte were given the power to couple up first and sent shockwaves through the villa with their choices.

Love Island fans furious as Mitch makes ‘wrong’ decision leaving TWO fan favourites at risk
Love Island was in chaos tonight when a surprise recoupling reshuffled the villa couples and left two girls at risk

Jaws dropped across Love Island when Leah swiped Ella‘s partner Tyrique, telling the group: “This boy hasn’t had the chance to open up yet.

“But after a few more conversations he might be able to and we might be able to have a good connection.”

Charlotte was up next and she picked Zach who was earlier seen kissing Molly behind Mitch’s back.

Andre coupled up with Catherine, and Mehdi picked Whitney after they enjoyed their first romantic date together.

Sammy also saved Jess, and she blushed as he told her: “Even though we haven’t known each other for long we’re getting on well.

“This girl makes me feel special and I like waking up to her face every morning.”

Finally, Mitch was made to decide who to couple up with out of Molly, Ella and Ruchee.

He said: “I’d like to couple up with this girl because we’ve had a connection since day one. It’s not been easy, it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions.

“Conversation is just free flowing, the connection is there, and I’d like to explore it more. The girl I’d like to couple up with is Molly.”

Frustrated viewers flooded Twitter and slammed the lad for saving Molly after she made it clear she wasn’t interested in him.

One remarked: “Mitchel could have changed the dynamic of the whole season. He ruined it.”

Another fan moaned: “Molly needs to be standing there!!! Mitchel is the biggest MUG. Ella and Ruchee do not deserve to be sent home.”

And a third ranted: “Mitchel really went from “don’t talk to me again after tonight” to picking molly at the recoupling & wanting to “explore their connection more” in the space of two days. where’s his head gone???.”

A text at the end of the episode revealed the Islanders will have to decide whether to send Ella or Ruchee home.

Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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