Love Island Star Molly Marsh Sparks Plastic Surgery Rumors with New Video

Love Island Star Molly Marsh Sparks Plastic Surgery Rumors with New Video

Fans Divided Over Molly Marsh's Latest Video

Love Island star Molly Marsh has caused a stir among her fans with her latest video. While she intended to showcase her new ash-blonde hair, many of her followers couldn't help but notice something else - her lips.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

Several fans commented on Molly's apparent change in lip size, with one writing, "Oh no why?? You looks beautifull and don’t need that lips…" Another fan pointed out, "Looks like Molly’s grown some lips since leaving the island."

Debunking the Rumors

However, other followers came to Molly's defense, suggesting that she had simply overlined her lips to make them appear fuller. One fan zoomed into the picture and clarified, "the video/pic has a filter on and she's wearing lipliner. And just to clarify I’m not against filler. I have filler, nothing wrong with it. However her lips are the same as they were in the villa lol." Another fan echoed this sentiment, stating that Molly had makeup overlining her lips and was pouting.

Support from Fans

Despite the debate surrounding her lips, the majority of Molly's followers took the opportunity to compliment her on her beauty and express their desire for the same hair color.

Love Island Star Molly Marsh Sparks Plastic Surgery Rumors with New Video

The Truth About Molly's Previous Procedures

Molly, who is currently dating fellow Love Island contestant Zach Noble, has been open about the work she has had done in the past. However, she has emphasized that it was not for aesthetic purposes. Molly had Masseter Botox injected into her jaw to address issues such as jaw tension pain, teeth grinding, clenching, and headaches.

A Champion of Natural Beauty

In an interview with The Mirror, Molly shared her thoughts on cosmetic procedures, stating, "I’m very strong on the opinion of don’t change yourself for anything or anyone. I don’t or never have felt pressure to do so. I want to be a role model for my sister more than anything. And for my younger followers." She further emphasized that she wants to encourage people to embrace their natural beauty and that she has never had any procedures to alter her appearance.

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