Love Island star reveals new nose after breaking bones in horror car crash

LOVE Island’s Tyla Carr revealed she had a nose job after breaking bones and smashing her face in a horror car crash.

The former reality star was driving a Fiat 500 on a ‘slippery’ road in Majorca when she turned too quickly and lost control of her car.

Tyla Carr injured her nose in a car crash

Tyla has shown off the results of her surgery

She ended up colliding with a wall and suffered nasty injuries.

“I ended up breaking my wedding ring finger, my arm and my nose pretty badly where I needed an emergency operation on my nose to fix it up,” she told the Mirror.

Tyla initially had a nose job in 2016, a year before entering the Love Island villa, to fix the deviated septum she’d had since birth.

The crash ended up knocking her nose back out of shape, so she got Transform Hospital Group to fix both issues at the same time.

“Now I just feel so much better,” said Tyla. “Like I’m a lot happier. I’m a lot happier with the way that it looks. I can breathe better. All around it’s really, really helped.”

Last year Tyla suffered a shock health diagnosis after series of near fatal kidney infections.

The mum-of-one opened up about her condition and told fans: “For years I’ve suffered with UTIs aka urinary tract infections. 

“In the past they have led to kidney infections, of which the doctor has said, if left can be fatal. 

“I got them regularly and ended up in hospital for 10 days with it leading to two abscesses on my kidneys. 

“I now have had PID aka Pelvic Inflammatory Disease after having left the UTI for too long. I only get one minor symptom; I think I’m super woman and I try and get rid of them on my own. 

“Antibiotics aren’t good if you keep taking them and it can harm you gut which can lead you to have more. “

Tyla appeared on Love Island 2017
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