Love Island’s Faye Winter goes make-up free in loved-up photo with Teddy Soares after botox confession

FAYE Winter went make-up free in a selfie with boyfriend Teddy Soares after her recent Botox confession.The Love Island star beamed in the snap after ..


FAYE Winter went make-up free in a selfie with boyfriend Teddy Soares after her recent Botox confession.

The Love Island star beamed in the snap after revealing she is a big fan of the facial injections.

Faye Winter posed with boyfriend Teddy Soares in a new pic on Instagram

Teddy and Faye met on Love Island and reached the final

Faye, 26, looked gorgeous wearing a Lion King tee-shirt after the couple’s recent trip to see the West End musical in London.

Commenting on her remarkable looks, one fan said: “faye your so beautiful without makeup




Another person wrote: “You look naturally beautiful x”

Last week Faye said that she’d “look like a 60 year old” without Botox.

The Devon-born star said her busy schedule since reaching the Love Island final last summer is one of the reasons she gets the injections to smooth out lines on her face.

Faye recently said on PLT’s Behind Closed Doors podcast: “We’re all trying to live in our little, like, holes and just wanna be in our relationships whilst trying to do the new jobs and it’s just madness.

“And people question why I get Botox! That is it! The stress. I mean, I would look like a 60 year old woman!”

She said she gets the injections even though she was once left with a droopy face – and had to use a sex toy to fix it.

She previously confessed: “I looked like I had Bell’s palsy on both sides of my face, like, it was completely dropped.

“Everyone kept saying to me, ‘Put the back of an electric toothbrush on your forehead to try and get the muscle moving’. So I was walking around buzzing all over the place.

“I was going up to London and it’s a three-hour drive. I had my car in cruise control so I could just hold the toothbrush on my eyebrow.

“Then I realised the toothbrushes were in the back of my car, so I was rummaging around my handbag and I found a vibrator and I thought, ‘Sod it, that’ll do’. So I shoved it on and was driving along with a dildo on my head.”

Faye has altered her looks by getting Botox, lip filler and has also had a boob job.

Earlier this month Faye told fans that she had her lip fillers dissolved to make way for new ones.

“It’s no secret about my lips. I had my lips dissolved and then refilled with a new technique so it’s allowed my lips to look bigger with less filler,” Faye explained.

“My Botox had gone wrong and both of my eyebrows had dropped.

“However, I’ve had that fixed. My eyebrows are now where they should be and I’m wrinkle-free on my forehead.

“And my lips are perfectly ideal.”

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