MasterChef Filming Locations: Where Your Favorite Cooking Show Comes to Life

MasterChef Filming Locations: Where Your Favorite Cooking Show Comes to Life

Where is MasterChef filmed?


Since 2014, MasterChef has found its home at 3 Mills Studios in east London. However, due to social distancing measures in 2021, filming had to relocate. For the 20th-anniversary season, the action took place in the London Borough of Newham, nestled between Bromley-By-Bow and West Ham tube stations. This former distillery has been transformed into a bustling film and television studio.


Looking ahead, from 2024 MasterChef will be shifting its base to Birmingham. The show will set up camp at the Digbeth Loc studios, founded by the creator of Peaky Blinders, Steven Knight. A six-year deal has been inked, ensuring that MasterChef will be Birmingham-bound until at least 2030. Spinoff shows like MasterChef: The Professionals and Celebrity MasterChef will also call Birmingham home.

What restaurants have previously featured on MasterChef?

Over the years, MasterChef has showcased its talent in a myriad of renowned restaurants both in the UK and beyond. From Sartoria in Mayfair, London, to Carlton Towers in North Yorkshire, where contestants cooked for Lord and Lady Fitzalan-Howard, the culinary adventures have been diverse. Venturing to places like Peru to work with chef Virgilio Martinez and cooking at iconic venues such as the Glyndebourne opera house and the Royal Society in London, the show has truly embraced global gastronomy.

When is MasterChef 2024 on TV?

MasterChef 2024 premiered on April 1st at 6:30 pm on BBC One. With a whopping 24 episodes in the series, airing over eight weeks at a pace of three episodes per week, there's plenty of culinary excitement to look forward to. Keep an eye on the BBC schedule to catch all the action as broadcast days can vary week by week.