Meet Ash: The Contestant on The Traitors UK Season 2

Meet Ash: The Contestant on The Traitors UK Season 2

Who is Ash on The Traitors?

Ash, a 45-year-old events coordinator from London, is one of the contestants on the second series of The Traitors. She decided to sign up for the show because she was looking for an adventure in her life. Despite being happy with where she is, Ash felt the need for something exciting and different.

Ash, who resides in Walthamstow, also has aspirations of getting on the property ladder with the prize money she hopes to win on The Traitors. She emphasized that this opportunity is her only chance to achieve that goal. Additionally, Ash expressed her desire to help her mother sort out her house.

Is Ash a Traitor or Faithful?

Ash was chosen as a traitor in the first episode of the new series. Host Claudia Winkleman made the selection while blindfolding the contestants at a round table. Prior to being picked as a traitor, Ash had expressed her willingness to take on the role. She believed that being a traitor would give her the best chance to win by being honest about who she is.

Who are The Traitors Season 2 Cast?

The second series of The Traitors features 22 new contestants who are competing for a share of the cash prize. Along with Ash, the cast includes individuals from various backgrounds, such as an insurance broker, a chess coach, a mental health area manager, a veterinary nurse, and many more.

The three traitors chosen in season two are Ash, Paul, and Harry. They were then given the task of selecting a fourth contestant to join them, and they chose veterinary nurse Miles.

Here is the full list of The Traitors season 2 cast:

  • Andrew (45), Talbolt Green – Insurance Broker
  • Anthony (45), Birmingham – Chess Coach
  • Ash, (45), London – Events Coordinator
  • Aubrey, (67), Loughborough, Leicestershire – Retired Shop Owner
  • Brian, (33), Glasgow – Photographer
  • Charlie, (34), Bristol – Mental Health Area Manager
  • Charlotte (32), Warwickshire – Recruitment Manager
  • Diane, (63), Lancashire – Retired Teacher
  • Evie, (29), Inverness – Veterinary Nurse
  • Harry, (22), Slough – British Army Engineer
  • Jasmine, (26), London – Sales Executive
  • Jaz (30) Manchester – National Account Manager
  • Jonny (31), Bedfordshire – Ex-Military
  • Kyra (21), Kent – Apprentice Economist
  • Meg (22), Herefordshire – Illustrator
  • Miles (36), Birmingham (now lives in Worcestershire) – Veterinary Nurse
  • Mollie (21), Bristol – Disability Model
  • Paul (36), Manchester – Business Manager
  • Ross (28), Lancashire – Video Director
  • Sonja (66), Lancashire – Volunteer Business Mentor
  • Tracey (58), Inverness – Sonographer and Clairvoyant
  • Zack (27), London – Parliamentary Affairs Advisor

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