'Messy' Mitch Vows to Play the Game on Love Island All Stars Return

'Messy' Mitch Vows to Play the Game on Love Island All Stars Return

Round Two for Mitch

Mitchell Taylor, known as 'Messy Mitch' for his previous antics on Love Island, is making a comeback on Love Island All Stars. The 27-year-old is ready to cause even more mischief as he heads back into the villa.

Avoiding Heartbreak

After having his heart broken by love interest Molly in the previous season, Mitch is determined not to make the same mistakes. He's going in with a different mindset, focusing on enjoying himself and playing the game.

"I think I went in with my heart on my sleeve the first time and got hurt," Mitch shared. "This time I am just going in to enjoy myself and if a connection happens, a connection happens. I am not going to make myself that vulnerable."

The End of 'Messy Mitch'?

Despite his reputation as 'Messy Mitch', he wants to shed that nickname and show a different side of himself. Mitch plans to be more composed and strategic in his approach.

'Messy' Mitch Vows to Play the Game on Love Island All Stars Return

"I'll be honest, I don't really plan on being Messy Mitch," he said. "I wear my emotions on my sleeve and what you see is what you get. I am very honest and very opinionated, and I think that's what people like me for."

Controversy and Denial

Mitch faced controversy after leaving the villa last season. He was dropped by his management team following allegations of homophobic comments and throwing money at a homeless person. However, Mitch vehemently denied these claims, asserting that he did not use offensive language and did not engage in such behavior.

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