Netflix’s Girl in the Picture: Who was Sharon Marshall and where is Franklin Floyd now?

NETFLIX’S latest true crime documentary reveals the shocking true-life story of Sharon Marshall, over 30 years on from her twisted death.

Sharon Marshall – aka the girl in the picture – died under mysterious circumstances in 1990.

Who was Sharon Marshall?

Sharon was kidnapped as a child, and raised by her abductor, paedophile Franklin Floyd.

As if that wasn’t sickening enough, Franklin later married Sharon and they raised a child together.

Sadly she was found dead aged just 20-years-old in 1990.

No one ever knew her true identity until 2014.

What was Sharon Marshall’s real name?

Sharon Marshall was born Suzanne Marie Sevakis on September 9, 1969.

She was just five years old when she was kidnapped by her stepfather, Franklin Floyd in 1975.

Franklin was briefly married to her mother Sandi Chipman.

What happened to Sharon Marshall?

While their mother Sandi Chapman was serving a 30-day sentence, Franklin disappeared taking all four of her children with him.

They were Suzanne Marie Sevakis, later to be renamed Sharon Marshall, and her two sisters and infant brother Phillip Brandenburg  (also known as Stevie).

When Sandi finished her sentence, she found out that two of her daughters were in foster care, but her daughter Sharon and son were gone.

Although she tried to file charges against Franklin for kidnapping, the police claimed he had the right to take them under his care.

Franklin then raised Suzanne and changed her name to Sharon Marshall.

The pair continued to relocate throughout the years and at some point, Franklin married Sharon, the woman he had bought up as his daughter.

Sharon welcomed a son named Michael soon after their wedding, but he was not Franklin’s.

Then in April 1990, she was found dead in a suspicious hit-and-run when she was just 20 years old.

Sharon had gone out on a late-night shopping trip for baby items for her son Michael Anthony Hughes.

However, she was murdered on her way back to the motel where she was staying.

She appeared to be hit by a car, but there was blunt-force trauma to the back of her head not consistent with a car accident.

It wasn’t till 2014 that it was revealed who her true identity was and the person at the centre of it all.

Warning: The below contains disturbing and upsetting details of abuse

In 1995 a mechanic found a large envelope stuffed between the bed and the top of the gas tank of a truck he had recently purchased at auction.

There were 97 photos in the envelope, including many photos of a bound and severely beaten Cheryl Ann Commesso.

The truck was traced back to Franklin Floyd.

Among the photos were depictions of Sharon Marshall being sexually abused, going all the way back to age four.

Where is Franklin Floyd now?

Police continue to investigate whether Franklin was the person who killed Sharon – but he has never been charged with the crime.

He was a fugitive for almost two decades and was “an expert in concealing his identity”, according to the trailer of Girl in the Picture on Netflix.

Police found him guilty of murdering at least one woman – Cheryl Ann Commesso – and the abduction of Sharon’s two-year-old son Michael – who has never been found.

He is currently 79-years-old and is on death row in the US.