Monday, 20 Sep, 2021

Tiffany Haddish reveals if she would take over Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show as she shows off weight loss in pink dress

TIFFANY Haddish admitted that she’s not opposed to taking Ellen Degeneres’ hosting gig “in a few years.” The movie star made her 17th appearance on..


TIFFANY Haddish admitted that she’s not opposed to taking Ellen Degeneres’ hosting gig “in a few years.”

The movie star made her 17th appearance on the talk show this week, where Ellen mentioned the rumors that swirled about Tiffany taking over her job as host.

Tiffany admitted that she would take over as host on Ellen Degeneres’ talk show “in a few years”

Ellen announced her decision to end her show earlier this year

Ellen announced her decision to end her talk show earlier this year, revealing that the upcoming season 19 would be the last.

The pair joked that when Tiffany got wind of the rumors that she was considered for the position, the actress texted Ellen excitedly asking: “am I?”

Tiffany chimed in with her thoughts: “I was like, ‘am I?’ No one has even talked to me about this. I didn’t even know that I was applying for the job. I had no idea.”

The audience laughed when Tiffany added: “Then I was like, ‘how much does it pay?'”

Ellen agreed with fans that Tiffany would be the perfect person to fill her shoes telling the 42-year-old: “It was a rumor and it would be a good rumor because you would be good, but you say you’re not ready for it now.”

Tiffany explained by referencing her seven opportunities to guest host the show in the past saying: “See, I came to learn. I wanted to learn to do it and I really appreciate you allowing me to learn and in a few years I would love to do it.”

Ellen complimented Tiffany responding: “And you should because you’re great whenever you guest host. You’re fantastic.”

Tiffany smiled in appreciation saying: “Thank you, well I got your back whenever you want a day off, call me.”

Tiffany wore a pink long-sleeved dress on the broadcast showing off her 40-pound weight loss.


Earlier this year, the comedian revealed that during the pandemic she decided to she wanted to get healthier and work on her food and fitness game.

After months of work that led to her major weight loss, she decided to up her effort and take on a 30-day transformation program.

In January, she shared the incredible results, including her slimmed-down waist and growing bicep muscles.

Tiffany wore a cropped black tank top and tight black shorties in the before shot, and for the after photo, she stunned in a black bra and high-waisted underwear in the same color.

The comedian captioned her motivational post: “Before my 30day transformation and after. 

“Now #SHEREADY to build Muscle and Maybe shave my armpits. It’s not to later for your transformation.” 


The Girls Trip star, who has been dating actor and musician Common, 48, since early last year, said she was inspired to transform her health and fitness by the late track-and-field superstar Florence Griffith Joyner.

Aside from shaving her head during the lockdown and quarantine period, Tiffany has also been getting in shape by eating lots of vegetables and exercising every day. 

She told PEOPLE that she’s lost 40 pounds and has been exercising every day for “anywhere from 15 minutes to sometimes two hours.”

Tiffany continued: “I’ve been eating differently, eating way more vegetables.

“Definitely eating directly out of my garden and just really putting in the work, making sure I sweat every single day and staying up on nutrition – nutrition is everything. 

“And I try to dance every day for like five to ten minutes. I think that’s really important, too: Make it fun!”

Along with switching up her health and fitness routine, Tiffany said she changed up her relationship with Common during the initial lockdown period, too.

They started off as friends, but then after beginning to talk and FaceTime all the time, the relationship eventually turned romantic.

Tiffany showed off her impressive 40-pound weight loss in January

She said that during the pandemic she decided to get serious about her health and fitness

Tiffany also started dating Common during the lockdown after their friendship blossomed