Where is Waterloo Road Filmed? Everything You Need to Know

Where is Waterloo Road Filmed? Everything You Need to Know

Waterloo Road: A Thrilling Drama Series

Waterloo Road has captivated fans since its debut on BBC One in 2006. The show, which recently made a comeback in 2023, revolves around the lives of students and staff at a fictional school. But where exactly is Waterloo Road filmed?

Filming Locations in Greater Manchester

Waterloo Road is filmed entirely in Greater Manchester. While the exact location of the rebooted series is undisclosed, it is confirmed to be shot in Manchester. In the earlier seasons (one to seven), the show was filmed at a real school located in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. The Kirkholt Estate at the former Top Hill School served as a backdrop for the drama. From series eight to ten, the school was located in Greenock, Scotland.

Set in Greater Manchester

The show is not only filmed but also set in Greater Manchester. Waterloo Road revolves around the lives of students and teachers from the fictional Waterloo Estate. The original run of the show lasted from 2006 to 2015, before its exciting return in 2023.

Diverse Themes and Hard-Hitting Issues

Waterloo Road is a drama series set in a comprehensive school of the same name. The show tackles various topics including teen homelessness, LGBTQ+ issues, racism, sexism, and mental health. It portrays the struggles faced by students and teachers as they navigate through tough times and confront challenging issues.

Streaming Waterloo Road

Season 13 of Waterloo Road premiered on January 2, 2023, and new episodes air every Tuesday at 8pm on BBC One. However, if you can't wait for each episode, the entire series is available for streaming on the BBC iPlayer. This platform also offers previous seasons of the show.

Executive Producer Cameron Roach expressed his excitement for the return of Waterloo Road, highlighting the show's popularity on BBC iPlayer and its contribution to the development of young talent in the industry.

So if you're looking for a thrilling drama series set in the heart of Greater Manchester, look no further than Waterloo Road. Tune in to BBC One or stream it on the BBC iPlayer to unleash the captivating world of this iconic show.

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