Who is Victoria Derbyshire’s husband Mark Sandell?

Who is Victoria Derbyshire’s husband Mark Sandell?

Victoria Derbyshire is a well-known journalist and newsreader with a successful television career. But who is her husband Mark Sandell and when did they get married? Here’s everything you need to know.

Mark Sandell: A Television and Radio Producer

Mark Sandell is a television and radio producer from London. He is the director of 6FOOT6 Productions, an award-winning audio production company specializing in podcasting. Not much else is known about Sandell's personal life.

The Wedding: A Joyous Occasion

Derbyshire married her long-term partner Mark Sandell in 2018. The couple celebrated their wedding in the beautiful grounds of their country home, surrounded by close friends and family. The marriage became even more poignant after Victoria's breast cancer diagnosis in 2015. One year after their marriage, she described it as the most magnificent day of her life.

A Challenging Journey: Overcoming Breast Cancer

In 2015, Victoria was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. She completed her last round of treatment in May 2016. The health scare made her marriage to Mark even more meaningful.

Five Years of Marriage: A Milestone Celebration

In July 2023, Victoria took to Instagram to celebrate five years of being married to Mark. She shared sweet snaps from their wedding day and expressed her happiness and gratitude for the special moments they've shared together.

A Growing Family: Proud Parents

Victoria and Mark have two sons named Oliver and Joe. In February 2023, Victoria shared a funny incident on live TV where one of her teenage sons teased her after an on-air disruption caused by a phone ringing during an interview. Despite the chaos, Victoria found humor in the situation and shared her son's playful text message.

So, while Victoria Derbyshire is well-known for her television career, her personal life with husband Mark Sandell is equally important to her. The couple's journey through marriage, overcoming challenges, and raising a family has been filled with joy and love.

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