Who won The Traitors 2022?

AFTER four weeks of back-stabbing, eliminations and questionable thought-processes, the hit BBC show reached its finale.

The decision to launch the Dutch TV programme in this country has proved to be great move by the BBC as the first series of their new psychological game, The Traitors, came to an end.

Who won The Traitors 2022?
Winkleman admitted to becoming hooked to the Dutch version of the show

Who won The Traitors?

After four weeks of skulduggery, it was Aaron Evans, Hannah Byczkowski and Meryl Williams who triumphed and took a share of the prize pot.

The show, hosted by Claudia Winkleman, pitted 22 contestants against one another at Ardross Castle in the Scottish Highlands.

In the opening episode, viewers were left baffled within the first ten minutes as two contestants were eliminated without even setting foot in the castle.

The final proved to be just as hard to predict for the viewers, no doubt why the show appealed to so many.

What happened in the final of The Traitors?

After Maddy was banished at the penultimate roundtable and Andrew was “murdered” by The Traitors, we knew who our finalists were going to be by this stage.

The final saw us left with three “Faithfuls” and two “Traitors” in the competition, which made it difficult for the viewer to predict which group would walk away with the prize money.

Kieran Tompsett was first to be banished in the finale after the group exposed him as a Traitor.

Before leaving, the contestant said he had a “parting gift” as he voted for Wilf as the person he believed to be a Traitor.

An explosive debate followed, as Hannah, Meryl and Aaron were left wondering what Kieran meant, and had to decide whether to banish Wilf and take the money, or end the game with Wilf included.

Unbeknown to them, had they done the latter, Wilf would have won all the money as the last remaining Traitor.

However, the group did take heed of his cryptic references and, as a result, they voted to banish the remaining Traitor Wilf.

Claudia revealed that the remaining three were all “Faithfuls”, and therefore, all winners.

As a result, Aaron, Hannah and and Meryl triumphed and took the share of the pot of £101,050.

You can stream the show if you missed any episodes at all on BBC iPlayer

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