Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein pictured inside Queen’s log cabin at Balmoral after being invited there by Prince Andrew

A PICTURE of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein relaxing in the Queen’s log cabin at Balmoral has been shown at her trial.The never-before-seen..


A PICTURE of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein relaxing in the Queen’s log cabin at Balmoral has been shown at her trial.

The never-before-seen image shows the pair at Her Majesty’s Scottish home after being invited there by Prince Andrew.

Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein at Balmoral

The Queen sitting in the same spot at the Royal Lodge

Pictures of Ghislaine Maxwell rubbing Jeffrey Epstein’s feet have been revealed at her trial

Maxwell and Epstein were in a relationship but prosecutors allege they remained close after it ended

The never-before-seen images reveal the intimate relationship between the 59-year-old socialite and the multi-millionaire paedophile.

It is unclear when the photograph was taken but previously been reported they were invited there Prince Andrew in 1999.

Also released were creepy pictures showing Maxwell giving Epstein a foot massage.

Maxwell is alleged to have “served up” girls for former lover Epstein to abuse and also allegedly participated in some of the attacks – which she denies.

Two of the photos show her massaging Epstein’s feet while they are on his private plane, nicknamed the ‘Lolita Express’.

Another image shows Maxwell with her arms wrapped around him in an intimate embrace.

There are also pictures of the pair with their arms around each other on holiday and her kissing him.

Maxwell’s trial has been told her and Epstein had been in a relationship but remained “the best of friends” after they split.

Prosecutors have described them as being “partners in crime” in the abuse of girls.

The images were found on CDs in Epstein’s Manhattan mansion during an FBI raid in 2019 following his arrest on sex trafficking charges.

The jury has also been shown pictures of the pair kissing and her naked on the beach, which were seized by cops from his Palm Beach mansion in 2005.

The court also heard that FBI agents found a Word document, created using the name ‘Gmax’, which has been linked to Maxwell, that described the defendant’s intimate relationship with Epstein.

It read: “Jeffrey and Ghislaine have been together, a couple, for the last 11 years.

“They are, contrary to what many people think, rarely apart. I almost always see them together.”

It continued: “Ghislaine is highly intelligent and great company with a ready smile and an infectious laugh, will always put one at one’s ease and always makes one feel welcome.

“Jeffrey and Ghislaine share many mutual interests and they have a lot of fun together. Jeffrey and Ghislaine compliment each other really well and I can’t imagine one without the other.

“On top of being partners, they are also the best of friends.”

What we’ve heard so far:

  • A framed photo of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein kissing has been shown at her sex trafficking and abuse trial.
  • Ghislaine Maxwell laid out a schoolgirl outfit for her to wear while serving tea to paedo Jeffrey Epstein.
  • The socialite would regularly name drop Prince Andrew and Donald Trump
  • Photos showing what appears to be framed nude picture of Maxwell were shown to the jury
  • Trump, Andrew and Bill Clinton all flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet, the paedo millionaire’s former pilot said
  • Maxwell handed Epstein’s housekeeper a “degrading” 58-page booklet which shows staff were told to “see nothing and say nothing”.
  • One of her accusers claims she saw a photo of the socialite naked
  • The woman says she saw Prince Andrew’s accuser Virginia Roberts abused by Jeffrey Epstein.

It come as the third of Maxwell’s accusers to testify at her trial said she was 14 when she met Virginia through a boyfriend

Known as Carolyn to protect her identity, she said she was introduced to Epstein to massage him to make money and went to his house, where she was greeted by Maxwell.

She told the court she was then taken to a massage room and the paedophile and Virginia Roberts were also there.

“After 45 minutes of massaging his back, Epstein turned over, and Epstein and Virginia started having sex,” she said.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre – as she’s now known – has claimed she had sex with Prince Andrew in a toilet when she was 17, after he had allegedly plied her with vodka in a posh London club.

The royal has vehemently denied the accusations against him, branding them “false” and “without foundation”.

She also claimed she she saw a photo of the socialite naked and pregnant at Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion.

Maxwell is not known to have ever had children and no further details were given about the alleged pregnancy in court yesterday.

Under cross-examination she said she did not know if the images had been altered digitally.

Other pictures shown in court were siezed during a raid on Epstein’s property in Palm, Beach Florida – which Maxwell was in charge of running, the court heard.

The jury has been told Maxwell and Epstein had been in a relationship but remained “the best of friends” after they split.

Other images, including one that appears to be a nude picture of Maxwell, were shown to the jury on Monday.

Another showed the socialite kissing Epstein while a second showed her giving the millionaire a foot rub.

The cache of digital photos found on CDs also includes images of two of Maxwell’s accusers.

They are depicted in various states of undress, prosecutors say.

Convicted sex offender Epstein killed himself while awaiting trial for further sex trafficking charges in August 2019.

Maxwell was arrested suddenly in July 2020 – and has been held in prison ever since as she was deemed a flight risk.

The pair pictured on a bridge while on holiday

Maxwell kissing her one time boyfriend Epstein

Maxwell in an intimate clench with paedophile Epstein

She is alleged to have ‘served up’ girls for him to abuse

Prosecutors described them as partners in crime

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