Embarrassing Bodies’ reboot is breaking major taboos but there’s something that still seriously shocks me, says Dr Jane

DR Jane Leonard has opened up about the one thing that really has shocked her while working on Embarrassing Bodies.Embarrassing Bodies is..


DR Jane Leonard has opened up about the one thing that really has shocked her while working on Embarrassing Bodies.

Embarrassing Bodies is an award-winning medical reality TV show Channel 4 which aims to help people with medical issues deemed taboo or misunderstood.

Dr Jane Leonard is a new doctor on E4’s rebooted Embarrassing Bodies

The series also tries to educate and debunk the myths surrounding those issues.

It is getting a reboot on E4 after seven and will see a brand new line-up of medical professionals, including Dr Jane, Dr Rosin Ajayi-Sotubo and Dr Anand Patel.

She spoke to The Celeb Report’s TV Mag exclusively about what fans can expect from the new series, including how it will tackle more mental and sexual health cases.

But Dr Jane also opened up about the one thing that really shocked her as she treated the Embarrassing Bodies’ patients.

“I think the main thing that really resonated or sort of surprised me is how long people put up with things and how it can really affect people,” she explained.

“It can only be something that to get to breaking point they actually get medical help for it.

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“That’s why the show was about all those years ago, there’s this barrier, people are embarrassed and worried about sharing it with others so it can build and build and build, so they have no choice but to come forward.”

The doctor added this was the very why it was “so important” to bring the show back, especially because the Covid-19 pandemic may have further prevented people from getting help.

“Not only have we had the natural worries of a person not wanting to come forward, but there’s actually been something stopping them anyway,” Dr Jane said.

“So that is what surprised me, some people really suffer in silence until they can’t go on anymore.”

The fully qualified NHS GP and cosmetic doctor also explained the “new twist” people can expect from the upcoming season.

“We’re discussing things that we never normally talk about but what people think about, like your sexual health, relationship problems, mental health, all of the things that are going on in the back of your mind,” she started.

“And hopefully giving people some answers, it’s not just about talking about stuff but it’s signposting them to places where they can get help.

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“I think that that is a big thing. It’s worth watching in the sense that some problems are what you don’t expect or unusual things, but it does really bring out key messages that are shared by many people but that are sometimes too embarrassed to talk about.”

You can read the full interview in TV Mag, available exclusively with The Celeb Report every Saturday.

Embarrassing Bodies became known for tackling taboo medical issues

Dr Jane said she was shocked at how many people will put off seeing a doctor out of fear or shame

Dr Jane is joining the show alongside Dr Rosin Ajayi-Sotubo and Dr Anand Patel

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