Gogglebox legend is returning to the sofa – and reveals link to Prince William and Kate

CELEBRITY Gogglebox’s Roman Kemp has revealed he and his famous dad Martin will be returning for a fifth series.The Capital Radio DJ, 29 and the..


CELEBRITY Gogglebox’s Roman Kemp has revealed he and his famous dad Martin will be returning for a fifth series.

The Capital Radio DJ, 29 and the Spandau Ballet star, 60 have been a firm favourite on the Channel 4 show since they first appeared in 2019.

Roman Kemp has teased that he and his dad Martin will be returning to Celebrity Gogglebox

The father and son duo have been a hit with viewers since they joined in 2019

Roman has teased that they will be back for the upcoming series in June.

Speaking exclusively to The Celeb Report, Roman said: “It’s one of the favourite things that I do with my dad.

“We always have such a laugh on the sofa and it’s coming back for a new series in June! Watch this space.

“Mum was was very apprehensive at first as she knows how much dad and I shout and swear at the TV but once it worked well and when got into it then it was all good.


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The radio star went onto discuss his surprise friendship with the Royals.

“It was amazing to be asked to go somewhere that is the most famous house in the world,” Roman said.

“I mean if someone says do you, ‘do you want to DJ at a house party?”’ and you say ‘where is your house party’ and it’s the most famous house in the world, well I was there within seconds.

“I took my mum and I have this memory of us walking around Buckingham Palace and they gave us like a little room and I have this photo of us in this room together in the middle of Buckingham Palace and we were sniffing around it.

“It looked like my nan’s house. There was a little trouser press, the toilet roll was pink and there was a single bed.”

Roman said he was invited to DJ at a Buckingham Palace garden party but it ended up in a water balloon fight with Harry, Kate and William.

He recalled: “At the party was Harry, Kate and William and Meghan turned up later.

“I was playing a track and someone came over and said, ‘Roman come here’, and it was Prince Harry.

“Kate was there and there was a slingshot in the middle of the balcony.

“They’ve got a bucket filled with water balloons, and they’re just pinging off these water balloons into the crowd from a balcony.

“Harry was trying to get me to fire a balloon at William and I was like ‘what is going on?’ and told me to ‘aim a bit to the left’ and I said, ‘who am I aiming for?’ and he said, ‘my brother’.

“I then joked that I’d be done for treason!

“And because I wouldn’t do it, Kate ended up doing it! Funnily enough I have still got the frame in my house from the Palace saying thank you for DJ-ing.”

Roman discussed his involvement in the National Lottery project and said it was a privilege to meet those at Age Well East.

He said: “You see so many adverts about where the money goes and you do always wonder where the money is going so it was so nice to meet the girls and guys at Age Well East and I learned a lot about people’s stories.

“A lot of the ladies there were widowed and they don’t have anything to do and they don’t have anyone to turn to, so the fact that they have a place that they can go and speak to someone and be able to make friends, is so special. I was so pleased.

“All of us will eventually be at an age where we do need help in some way and the fact that there are organisations out there like Age Well East is amazing. 

“It was a privilege to spend a day with Age Well East, and I understand very well just what this project is doing to help improve mental wellbeing.

“It’s so inspiring to learn what this cause has achieved so far and I can’t wait to see how its reach will be further broadened post the Jubilee and the legacy it will hold in the community.”

Roman added: “Thanks to National Lottery players, funding has touched so many communities the length and breadth of the UK – it’s amazing to see how the funding has been used to make a truly life-changing difference in Essex.”

To mark the Jubilee year, The National Lottery is providing over £22 million to communities across the UK to commemorate Her Majesty The Queen’s 70-year reign.

Roman opened up about his surprise friendship with the Royals

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