Teen Mom Jenelle Evans chugs a beer & shows off curves in lace outfit in new TikTok as trolls say ‘she let herself go’

TEEN Mom’s Jenelle Evans chugged beer while wearing black lingerie in a new video to clap back at a troll who told her “she let herself go.”The..


TEEN Mom’s Jenelle Evans chugged beer while wearing black lingerie in a new video to clap back at a troll who told her “she let herself go.”

The 30-year-old has been outspoken about her journey towards “body confidence” and often flaunts her curves in sports bras and bikinis on social media.

Jenelle Evans shared a video response to a troll tell her ‘she let herself go’

The ex Teen Mom showed off her curves in a lace top as she chugged beer

After watching one of Jenelle’s recent TikToks, one troll commented: “She let herself go lmao.”

Seeing the rude note, the ex Teen Mom made a reaction video to it, where she chugged down some beer as she showed off her curves in a lacy ensemble.

The clip began with Jenelle leaning in close to the camera and mouthing the words to the backing track, which asked: “Are you new here?”

She then proceeded to sit back a little, showing off her full, curve-hugging outfit of tight blue jeans, black lace lingerie, a bright red blazer, and a black hat.

Going all out in proving that the rude comment doesn’t affect her, she leaned back an chugged a bottle of beer.

In the caption, Jenelle clapped back at the troll and wrote: “My dude… Does it look like I care?”

Fans jumped into the comments to defend the reality star, as well.

“No… she’s a REAL woman. Not trying to be looking like everyone else,” one user wrote.

Another told Jenelle: “It’s called living and being happy. Do you boo, you look fabulous.”

A third fan wrote: “No, she just stopped caring what others thought and does what makes her happy. Love it!”

Admitting she loved her ensemble a lot, Jenelle said she couldn’t help but post multiple TikToks in it and has posted a few over the past week,

She kept on the black fedora hat, her plunging top, and the rest of the outfit in each clip.

The reality star curled her long and wavy dark hair, and it came down past her cleavage, which was teased in her V-necked lingerie bodysuit.

The mother of three recently teased that she had gotten lip fillers for herself.

While driving around with her husband David Eason, she first pointed the camera at him as he drove behind the wheel.

A country song was playing in the background while they were inside their car.

The star posted a second Story that made it look like her lips were massively plump.

She captioned her post: “Got some lip fillers today.” 

Jenelle sipped her iced coffee from McDonalds with her seemingly brand new lips.

She followed up her post by bringing her followers in on the joke: “Y’all I’m JUST KIDDING.

“It was a filter.”

Often one to play around with filters and different social media updates, Jenelle usually participates in the latest TikTok challenges and dance routines.

The 30-year-old – who is mom to Jace, 11, Kaiser, six, and Ensley, four – shows off her body confidence in videos of her dancing while wearing bikinis and sports bras.

She also shares cooking videos on social media, which have not been met with much positive feedback.

Recently, Jenelle faced backlash over her tomato soup, which fans claimed looked more like “pee” than soup.

One fan wrote: “She could write a book called ‘Gross recipes nobody asked for’.”

She and her husband David have also been slammed for often making “unhealthy” meals for their kids.

Jenelle has been outspoken about loving her curves and being ‘confident’ in her body

She and her husband David Eason were recently slammed for making ‘unhealthy’ meals for their family